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Katherine Dunham

Dunham dancers Linda McKinley and Darryl Braddix dancing on train tracks in East St. Louis, Illinois, 1970. Former dancer Braddix became manager of Dunham’s property in East St. Louis. In 1967, Braddix was
arrested by the East St. Louis police and charged with participating in a racially motivated property crime.
Miss Dunham and her former personal manager, Jeanelle Stovall, went to the police station with Braddix
when he was arrested. The East St. Louis police detained Miss Dunham for more than three hours, alleging
that she refused to leave the booking office after being instructed to do so. In an interview following her arrest,
Miss Dunham informed the New York Times that the police physically restrained her after she inquired into the charges against Braddix. Missouri Historical Society Photographs and Prints Collection.


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