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Katherine Dunham

Rabbit Mask From Nigeria.

Rabbit Mask from Nigeria

This is a rabbit spirit mask thought to be from the Mumuye culture of Nigeria. The wooden mask has
elongated ears and carved triangular teeth with evidence of red pigment on the mouth and teeth.
(Dimensions: H18.5” x W9” x D10”)

In 1983, Walter Cronkite described Katherine Dunham as “a choreographer with the eye of an
anthropologist and the soul of an artist.” At Dunham’s Performing Arts Training Center in East St. Louis,
where her many protégés learned the Dunham Dance technique, she emphasized African arts as a
source of pride. Dunham displayed her African and Caribbean art pieces in the Dunham Dynamic
Museum because she thought the keys to survival and growth, especially for the young dancers of
East St. Louis, lay in their knowing their history.


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