he following are collections of artifacts related to the 1904 World's Fair available online. These artifacts are just a sample of the variety of memorbilia on display in the 1904 World's Fair: Looking Back at Looking Forward exhibit. To view the collections, click on the image from the the list below.

Gerhard Sisters' Photographs
Emme and Mamie Gerhard operated a successful portrait studio on Olive Street in St. Louis. The first women to have a studio in the city, the Gerhard Sisters chose to photographed individuals and families living and performing both on the Pike and in the Anthropology Department exhibits. Taken exclusively in their studio using natural light to accentuate the facial characteristics of each subject, these captivating images stand as a unique and sensitive document of people from far-off lands who made St. Louis their home during the Exposition. The studio environment additionally helped to bring a level of humanness to the subjects that were often, in the context of the Fair displays, seen only as exotic or even dangerous.

Constructing the Fair
Artifacts featured in the section include:

  • A sterling silver punch bowl which was a congratulatory gift presented to Francis
  • Staff fragments

Nations on Display
Artifacts featured in the section include:

  • An elaborate Chinese rosewood desk with white wood inlay
  • A pair of silk shoes from China
  • An Irish chair
  • Louis XVI revival table

People at the Fair
Artifacts featured in the section include:

  • A botanical specimen from the Philippine Exhibit
  • Lakota Sioux leather shirt
  • A Philippine farm sledge
  • A Mexican copper bowl constructed at the fair
  • Period clothing
  • A Fair employee's passbook

Art at the Fair
Artifacts featured in the section include:

  • Embroidery work by a St. Louis resident
  • Paintings by George Catlin and Edmund Wuerpel
  • Marble sculptures

Viewing the Fair
Artifacts featured in the section include:

  • Lithographs and Watercolors
  • Paintings by John Ross Key and Charles Graham
  • A field camera that was used at the Fair

Shopping at the Fair
Artifacts in this section include:

  • A cut glass punch bowlmanufactured by Libbey and Son Glass Co., Weller, Rookwood and Roseville pottery
  • Official writing tablet, envelope, and deck cards manufactured by Samuel Cupples Envelope Company
  • Pieces of the popular ruby flash decorative glass
  • Gold Medal Universal Bread Maker
  • The Fair in a Nutshell souvenir

The 1904 Olympics
Artifacts in this section include:

  • Committee badges
  • Programs
  • A Glen Echo Country Club golf trophy
  • Dumbbells
  • A loving cup won for the running high jump
  • A medal won for the 220-yard run
  • Medal won for the tug of war