Burr, Aaron, 1756-1836
Treason; Dueling; Law; Lawyers; Politics and government; Burr Conspiracy, 1805-1807
United States
Documentary Artifacts; Collection
A0210 Burr, Aaron Papers Inventory of Aaron Burr Papers A0210 EAD by Jaime Bourassa using ArchivesSpace Missouri Historical Society Library and Research Center 2017 225 S. Skinker Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63105 URL: This finding aid was produced using ArchivesSpace on 2018-09-27 06:37:41 -0500 . English Describing Archives: A Content Standard English Missouri Historical Society Library and Research Center Aaron Burr Papers Burr, Aaron, 1756-1836 Jones, R.M. Sickels, G. Smith, John, approximately 1735-1824 Williams, Robert, 1773-1836 A0210 0.8 Cubic Feet (2 boxes; 1 oversize folder) 1776-1825 Some French Processing Information Processed by Jessica Herczeg-Konecny, 2002. Finding aid revised by Jaime Bourassa, 2013. Donor Information The collection was donated by William K. Bixby. Biographical Sketch Aaron Burr was born on February 6, 1756, in Newark, New Jersey. His father was the first president of the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University), where Burr studied law and theology. In 1775, Burr volunteered for the Québec expedition, resigned from the army due to illness in 1779, and in 1782 began to practice law in New York. He became vice president under Thomas Jefferson in 1800. However, differences with Jefferson hurt his political future, as did his duel with Alexander Hamilton on July 11, 1804. In the summer of 1806, Burr led an expedition down the Mississippi River. Harman Blennerhassett and General James Wilkinson, Governor of the Louisiana Territory, were part of an alleged conspiracy with Burr to create a new nation out of the former Spanish colonies. Wilkinson turned in his co-conspirators, and Burr was indicted for treason in 1807. After his acquittal, Burr lived in Europe from 1808 until 1812. In May 1812, he returned to the United States and resurrected his law practice in New York. He died on September 14, 1836. Scope and Contents Many of the documents in the Aaron Burr Papers are neither signed nor dated. The Legal Papers Series (1787-1825) consists primarily of documents relating to Burr’s legal practice in New York following his return from Europe. Many of these documents are likely contemporary copies. Addressees include John Greenwood, Thomas H. Flandrau, and Gurdon W. Lathrop, all of whom were clerks in Burr’s law practice. The Personal Correspondence Series (1776-1825) contains many items which touch on military and business matters. Included are unsigned letters, some written in code, to Burr’s sister Sally Reeve, and several letters of Captain Skinner to James Monroe. The Burr-Hamilton Duel Series contains the indictments of Nathaniel Pendleton, Alexander Hamilton’s second in his duel with Aaron Burr, and William P. VanNess, Burr’s second. The Conspiracy Series contains legal documents for Aaron Burr, Harman Blennerhassett, and Davis Floyd. The series also includes extensive correspondence between Senator John Smith of Ohio and Governor Robert Williams of the Mississippi Territory, and a letter of William Clark to Secretary of State James Madison. The Miscellaneous Series contains three additional items. Arrangement The collection is arranged into five series: Legal Papers, Personal Correspondence, The Burr-Hamilton Duel, The Conspiracy, and Miscellaneous . The papers are arranged chronologically within each series. Conditions Governing Access The collection is open for research use. Conditions Governing Use For permission to publish, quote from, or reproduce material in this collection, please contact the Archives Reference Desk at . Copyright restrictions may apply. The researcher assumes full responsibility for comforming to the laws of copyright. Physical and Technical Requirements There are no physical or technical restrictions. Preferred Citation Aaron Burr Papers, Missouri Historical Society Archives, St. Louis. Sources Consulted During Processing Researchers may also want to consult the following publication: Mary-Jo Kline, editor. The Guide and Index to the Microfilm Edition of the Papers of Aaron Burr, 1756-1836 (Glen Rock, N. J.: Published for The New York Historical Society by Microfilming Corporation of America, 1978.). This publication and the corresponding microfilm are available at the St. Louis University Law Library. Burr Conspiracy, 1805-1807 Burr-Hamilton Duel, Weehawken, N.J., 1804 Lawyers -- New York (State) -- New York -- Correspondence United States -- Armed Forces United States -- History -- Revolution, 1775-1783 United States -- Politics and government Blennerhassett, Harman, 1764-1831 Hamilton, Alexander, 1757-1804 Pendleton, Nathaniel, 1756-1821 Van Ness, William Peter, 1778-1826 Legal Papers Series Signed opinion of Daniel Lawrence’s will. Includes two leaves and one clipping. A0210-00004 1787 Dec 15 Bl-Bu Signed document of Aaron Burr, acknowledging consignment of goods, including tobacco, to Rotterdam. Appended to agreement for shipment of goods. Filing note on back reads: “Agreemt. bet. Ludlow-Leremboar & Limond.” A0210-00005 1799 Mar 11 1 1 Draft of letter [of Aaron Burr] to Gen. regarding Patrick Burns. States, “The friends of this unfortunate man never heard that he was charged with any crime until they heard of his Execution…” A0210-00006 1813 June 5 1 2 Letter [of Aaron Burr] to John Greenwood, New York. States, “Call immediately on Cap. Knox and Tell him that I have this Day transmitted to him by Mail, the certificate he desired – If he asks you how much it cost – tell him Ten doll…” A0210-00007 1815 Feb 6 1 3 Letter [of Aaron Burr], Albany, to John Greenwood, New York. Mentions the case of Williamson v. Parison and “Jackson’s Victory.” A0210-00008 1815 Feb 8 1 4 Letter [of Aaron Burr]. Regarding a lost shipment of wine and other business matters. Mentions cases Turner v. Turner, Hamilton v. Cummings, and Clason v. Shotwell. A0210-00009 1815 Mar 19 1 5 Letter [of Aaron Burr] to John Greenwood, No. 50 Cortland St., Corner of Greenwich, New York. Reads, “Mr. Seeley kept your letter & packet untill after the sailing of the Steamboat yesterday – I cannot pronounce on the answer of Smith untill I shall have seen it – Did Mr. T. confer with Mr. Clark?” Also mentions case of King v. Baldwin and others. A0210-00010 1815 July 1 6 Letter [of Aaron Burr] to John Greenwood at Col. Burr’s, 50 Greenwich, Corner of Cortlandt, New York. States, “I have requested Mr. Lathrop to buy and send me the 3d Vol. Taunton’s Exports which may be had at Goulds…if Mr. L. should happen to be abroad, you are to do this…” Also mentions spirits that may be obtained for A.E.N. A0210-00011 1815 Aug 1 7 Letter [illegible signature], New York, to Judge Yates. Regarding James Jackson and George Gardner v. Walter Case. A0210-00012 1816 Mar 25 1 8 Letter [of Aaron Burr], Poughkeepsie, to John Greenwood, New York. States, “Say to Mr. Marks from me, That if his creditors should ask him for a Statement of his affairs (which means, a Schadule [Schedule] of his debts and property) I recommend to him to delay giving any such Statement untill my return…” Part of letter missing. A0210-00013 1818 Feb 14 1 9 Letter [of Aaron Burr], Albany to John Britton, Philadelphia. Refers to a case concerning a survey of land by Mr. Stewart for Dr. Smith. Also mentions a Mr. Emmett. A0210-00014 1823 Sept 15 1 10 Letter [of Aaron Burr], Albany, to T.H. Flandrau, 22 Reed St., New York. Mentions case of McLachlin v. Gardiner and others. A0210-00015 1823 Dec 23 1 11 Letter [of Aaron Burr], Albany, to Th. [Thomas] H. Flandrau, 22 Reed St., New York. Same text as letter in Folder 11 with additional note, December 24: “Tell Mrs. E. that I shall write to her tomorrow.” A0210-00016 1823 Dec 23 1 12 Letter [of Aaron Burr], Utica, to Thos. [Thomas] H. Flandrau, 51 Nassau St., New York. Mentions case of Burr v. Van Buskirk. A0210-00017 1824 Aug 6 1 13 Letter [of Aaron Burr], Albany, to T.H. Flandrau, 51 Nassau St., New York. Mentions Morris Reed, a wealthy shoemaker in New York. A0210-00018 1824 Aug 27 1 14 Letter [of Aaron Burr] to T.H. Flandrau, 51 Nassau St., New York. States, “Doubting whether you have any Copy of the contested Bill, I have caused one to be made so that you may continue over your old notice and give a new one specifying the items appealed from in the terms expressed in your bill of costs. Specify none in which you think Judge Iz. was right...” A0210-00019 1824 Oct 19 1 15 Letter [of Aaron Burr], Albany, to T.H. Flandrau, 51 Nassau St., New York. Discusses the will of Mr. E., and mentions the cases of Van B [Van Buskirk]; Jackson and Bradstreet v. Smith; and Jackson and Bradstreet v. Causson. A0210-00020 1825 Feb 18 1 16 Letter signed AB [Aaron Burr] to Th. [Thomas] H. Flandrau, 51 Nassau St., New York. Mentions Captain Reid, and states, “Shall we be ready in the Ejection of Varick & Arden?” A0210-00021 1825 Mar 1 1 17 Letter [of Aaron Burr] to Th. [Thomas] H. Flandrau. Regarding various law cases, the Sharp estate, proof of will of Mr. E., and the guardianship of Sarah T.’s two children. A0210-00022 1825 Mar 4 1 18 Note [of Aaron Burr] to T.H. Flandrau, 51 Nassau Street, New York. Mentions the Bemis trial and Sharp & Eden. A0210-00023 1825 Mar 9 1 19 Letter [of Aaron Burr] to A. Breese. States, “Mr. Bogardus will strive hard to bring on his Motion on Thursday next...” A0210-00024 1825 Aug 1 1 20 Note [of Aaron Burr] to John Greenwood, 9 Nassau St., New York. Mentions “notice of Shotwell” and Joseph Bartons. A0210-00025 No year Jan 1 21 Address page to G.W. Lathrop, No. 9 Nassau St., New York. A0210-00026 No year Jan 2 1 22 Letter [of Aaron Burr] to John Greenwood, 61 Vesey St., New York. States, “I will give Mr. Giles a Rendezvous in Poughkepise. In Ketelter v. Joselyn & Bennet I have copy of answer which is very long…If I should find a safe private hand, it will be sent by this Stage in which case you must abstract Bill & answer and propose exceptions.” A0210-00027 No year Jan 18 1 23 Letter [of Aaron Burr] to John Greenwood, 44 Nassau St., New York. Mentions cases the Jackson v. Udall, Wells v. Brown, and Denton v. Denton. A0210-00028 No year Jan 31 1 24 Note [of Aaron Burr] to T.H. Flandrau, 51 Nassau St., New York. Mentions lawyer, Mr. Hubbard. A0210-00029 No year Feb 1 25 Partial letter [of Aaron Burr] to John Greenwood, 9 Nassau St., New York. States, “I expect that you will not serve me with the papers of Charon & Shotwall as you did with those of Monel.” Also gives directions for a ring he wants purchased. A0210-00030 No year Feb 1 26 Letter [of Aaron Burr] to T.H. Flandrau, 51 Nassau St., New York. Gives instructions regarding various law cases. A0210-00031 No year Feb 6 1 27 Note [of Aaron Burr] to Thomas H. Flandrau, 22 Reed Street, New York. States in full, “Our Motions come on tomorrow. I have no brief.” A0210-00032 No year Feb 18 1 28 Letter [of Aaron Burr], Albany, to T.H. Flandrau, 51 Nassau St., New York. States, “It would, I should suppose, be no difficult matter to find among the navy officers, particularly in the medical department, a single witness who is well acquainted with the signatures of Dix & Kissam – if you would take the will in your hand and call on some of the Surgeons or the Apothecary at the navy yard (the medical department usually reside in Brooklyn) you could not fail to succeed.” A0210-00033 No year Feb 19 1 29 Letter [of Aaron Burr], Albany, to Thomas H. Flandrau, 22 Reed Street, New York. Gives instructions regarding law cases, and mentions Riker and Mr. Baldwin. A0210-00034 No year Feb 21 1 30 Note [of Aaron Burr], Albany, to G.W. Lathrop, New York. Mentions John Ferguson, Mayor. A0210-00035 No year Mar 1 31 Letter [of Aaron Burr], Albany, to G.W. Lathrop, New York. States, “I care nothing about the doings of the Committee of the Corporation, nor do I know why you should.” Mentions Mayor Ferguson and Recorder Riker. A0210-00036 No year Mar 7 1 32 Letter [of Aaron Burr], Albany, to T.H. Flandrau, 51 Nassau St., New York. Mentions his work on the Sharp and Eden Papers. A0210-00037 No year Mar 7 1 33 Letter [of Aaron Burr] to Thos. [Thomas] H. Flandrau, 51 Nassau St., New York. States, “I enclose an order for the moiety of the Surplus in Gamiss v. Gardiner.” Also mentions Jackson c.d. M. Bradstreet v. Cannon & Smith. A0210-00038 No year Mar 10 1 34 Partial letter signed AB [Aaron Burr], Albany, to John Greenwood, 61 Vesey St., New York. Mentions Mr. Winter and Mr. Yates. A0210-00039 No year Mar 11 1 35 Letter [of Aaron Burr] to John Greenwood, 9 Nassau St., New York. Mentions Mr. Wilkins, Mr. Riker, Mr. Haskin, Mr. Crosby, Charon & Shotwell, Thompson, and Monel’s appeal. A0210-00040 No year Mar 21 1 36 Letter [of Aaron Burr], Albany, to John Greenwood, 44 Nassau St., New York. States, “Novion’s Cause is 171 instead of 104 as I was told by Mr. Emmett on my arrival. There is no hope of Teaching it before Tuesday next.” A0210-00041 No year Aug 15 1 37 Letter [of Aaron Burr], Albany, to John Greenwood, 44 Nassau St., New York. Begins, “Novion’s Cause will not be heard this Term…” A0210-00042 No year Aug 20 1 38 Letter [of Aaron Burr], Albany, to John Greenwood, 44 Nassau St., New York. Mentions Novion’s case and Mr. Elwell. A0210-00043 No date 1 39 Note [of Aaron Burr] to Thos. H. Flandrau, 22 Reed St., New York. Regarding case of Jackson v. Delancey. A0210-00044 No date 1 40 Case notes [of Aaron Burr] to T.H.F. [Thomas H. Flandrau]. Mentions the case McClacklin et al v. Gardner &c and others. A0210-00045 No date 1 41 Letter [of Aaron Burr] to T.H. Flandrau. Mentions the cases Eden v. Varick and Jackson v. De Lancey. A0210-00046 No date 1 42 Letter [of Aaron Burr] to G.W.L. [Gurdon W. Lathrop]. Gives instructions regarding the legal practice, and mentions Mr. Hillopes. A0210-00047 No date 1 43 Draft of letter [of Aaron Burr] to a client. Begins, “I have perused the wills and the Extracts from the records which you left for that purpose...” A0210-00048 No date 1 44 Draft of a letter [of Aaron Burr]. Regarding the estate and will of Archibald Kane. Also mentions Mr. Yates. A0210-00049 No date 1 45 Partial letter [of Aaron Burr]. Regarding the estate and will of Archibald Kane. A0210-00050 No date 1 46 List [by Aaron Burr], possibly case numbers. A0210-00051 No date 1 47 Case notes [of Aaron Burr] for Notch v. Franklin et al. A0210-00052 No date 1 48 Address page to G.W. Lathrop, New York. A0210-00053 No date 1 49 Case notes [of Aaron Burr] for Moore v. Allain and others. A0210-00054 No date 1 50 Notes [of Aaron Burr] on numerous law cases. A0210-00055 No date 1 51 Note [of Aaron Burr]. States in full, “True this Patent is worthless, they say it themselves – if they mean to ask Charity, let them come to us.” A0210-00056 No date 1 52 Notes [of Aaron Burr] regarding “Furr Seal Skins” delivered to Franklin in Nov. ‘86. A0210-00057 No date 1 53 Document titled “Search for Col Burr” listing various letters, some noted by Arch. Campbell as “Not found.” A0210-00058 No date 1 54 Notes [of Aaron Burr], which mention 20 pipes of wine found on board an English ship. A0210-00059 No date 1 55 Case notes [of Aaron Burr], beginning “Have leave to Two points, which We consider as distinct and Independent…” A0210-00060 No date 1 56 List of witness names [by Aaron Burr] for the Waywayanda v. Cheesecocks patent hearings. A0210-00061 No date 1 57 Case notes [of Aaron Burr] for the Waywayanda v. Cheesecocks patent hearings. A0210-00062 No date 1 58 Case note [of Aaron Burr] on various law cases, including Bradwell, infants by Thos. [Thomas] Gibbons, their guardian v. Eliph. Weeks; King v. Baldwin; and others. A0210-00063 No date 1 59 Case notes [of Aaron Burr] concerning hills. States, “All other Hills retain their Indian names.” A0210-00064 No date 1 60 Personal Correspondence Series Contemporary copy of letter signed General Putnam, N. York, to Miss Montcriffe. Begins, “I should have answered your Letter sooner but had it not in my Power to write you anything satisfactory. The omission of my Title in Major Montcrief’s Letter, is a matter I regard not in the least, nor does it any Way influence my Conduct in this Affair, as you seem to imagine – any political Difference alters him not to me in a private Capacity – as an Officer, he is my Enemy and obliged to act as such...” A0210-00065 1776 July 26 1 61 Contemporary copy of letter [of Aaron Burr], New York, to William Paterson. States, “Can it be that you have still in Memory the Vagrant Burr?” A0210-00066 1776 July 26 1 62 Letter [of Aaron Burr] to unknown recipient. Reads, “Various have been the Reports concerning the Barbaritics committed by the Hessians, most of them incredibly false. They are fonder of Plunder than Blood…” A0210-00067 1776 Sept 26 1 63 Contemporary copy of letter [of Aaron Burr], Princeton, to M.O. Mentions Captain Longstreet, and requests boots and a saddle. Burr’s signature is cut out from letter. A0210-00068 1777 Mar 7 1 64 Letter [of Aaron Burr] to Gen. [George] Washington. Regarding war matters. A0210-00069 1778 Oct 24 1 65 Contemporary copy of letter [of Aaron Burr] to Gen. McDougall. States, “...Col Littlefield with the Party returned this Morning – they brought us one Prisoner. I shall find him up with another grand Raschal [rascal] Tomorrow. There are Evidences enough against Merritts to hang a dozen such – but many of them dare not appear at present...” A0210-00070 1779 Jan 13 1 66 Contemporary copy of letter [of Aaron Burr] to Gen. McDougall. Concerns military subjects. A0210-00071 1779 June 17 1 67 Contemporary copy of letter [of Aaron Burr] to Gen. McD. [McDougall]. Begins, “Mr. Benj. [Benjamin] Sands and three other Persons from Long Island, banished for Mal Practices wait on you with this – Mr. Benjamin Sands Jnr. appears a Man of good Understanding – he can give you a Detail of their Sufferings…” A0210-00072 1779 Jan 21 1 68 Contemporary copy of letter [of Aaron Burr] to Gen. McDougall. Begins, “By a returning Party I send you the two Prisoners mentioned in my last. I had this Day the favour of yours by Lt. Root – the same Gentleman brought me a Reinforcement of 39 Privates and a proportion of Officers…” A0210-00073 1779 Jan 29 1 69 Letter [of Aaron Burr], Albany, to Mrs. S. Reeve [Sally, sister of Aaron Burr], Litchfield. Mentions a mutual acquaintance. A0210-00074 1781 June 5 1 70 Letter [of Aaron Burr], Albany, to Mrs. Sally Reeve, Litchfield. States, “This letter contains nothing that will interest…the next will fully atone for it.” A0210-00075 1781 Dec 1 71 Letter [of Aaron Burr], Kinderhook, to Mrs. Sally Reeve, Litchfield. States, “…The day I left you was spent in the most delightful [?], often mingled with a tear of extasy [ecstasy] – there is a solemn transport in the contemplation of the eve of life, which perhaps virtue bids us indulge…” A0210-00076 1781 Dec 6 1 72 Letter [of Aaron Burr] to Mrs. Sally Reeve, Litchfield. Begins, “You must not pretend to answer in quantity all my Volumnes [volumes] at once – I beg however you will keep Carlos a day or two, during which time, write as much as leave, the brat & your health will permit…” Partially written in code. A0210-00077 [1781] Dec 24 1 73 Letter [of Aaron Burr], Albany, to Mrs. Sally Reeve, Litchfield. Begins, “My dear Sis now happy by the arrival of Son this was not wishing you a happy Christmas but actually making it so. Let all our compliments be henceforth practical …” A0210-00078 [1781] Dec 25 1 74 Letter signed Aaron Burr, N. York, to Col. Marinus Willett. States in full, “Mr. Strong will hand you three notes, part of the 20,000 mentioned yesterday. For greater caution it may be well for me to declare in this way, that neither in these, nor in the note of 7500, nor in any other note now in Circulation which you have endorsed for me, have you any interest, and that you have endorsed them for my accommodation merely and that I am bound & do engage to see them punctually discharged.” A0210-00079 1794 Nov 13 1 75 Letter signed A. Burr, City of Washington, to Cesar A. Rodney, Wilmington, Delaware. States, “Mr. Short has not been nominated to France, nor has anyone since Bayard. Mr. Adams has informed the Senate that the reasons of Mr. Bayard’s refusal will be equally applicable to any other suitable person and that he shall therefore leave the treaty to be forwarded by his successor…” A0210-00080 1801 Mar 3 1 76 Letter signed Pierpont Edwards to Aaron Burr, New York. Concerns Eziekial Williams v. Aaron Burr. A0210-00081 1801 Nov 1 77 Catalogue of books left with Mrs. Law. A0210-00082 1802 Apr 18 1 78 Letter signed A. Burr, Washington, to Wm. [William] P. VanNess, New York. States, “I shall remain here till the 4th March – beyond that day, my plans are not settled – probably I shall visit Annapolis for a day or two; but have made no engagement...” A0210-00083 1803 Feb 20 1 79 Letter signed AB [Aaron Burr], Mouth of Cumberland, [to Gen. Thomas Bodley]. States in full, “In half an hour I shall sail hence. Take care of Cap M & dispatch him. If any one coming down shall wish to see me Let him call at the house of Judge Bruyn at the Bayou Pierre. My friends from Louisville say there was no hostility in that neighbourhood – so that my solicitude for your personal safety has ceased.” Letter was found in Bishop Robertson’s diary, August 1958, by Mr. Charles F. Rehkopf. A0210-00084 ca. 1805 1 80 Scrap of a letter by A. Burr. (French) A0210-00085 1809 July 27 1 81 Letter [of Aaron Burr], Stockholm, to A.E. Afzelius [Anders Eric Aizelius, jurist], Upsala. Requests information regarding law cases and paying off debt owed to him [Afzelius]. A0210-00086 1809 Sept 24 1 82 Letter [of Aaron Burr], Paris, to unknown recipient. Begins, “The day after writing to you in april…I was advised from authority that I could have any sort of passport at pleasure – took one for the U.S. to sail from Bourdeaux – A passport to leave the Empire must pass through these offices...” The end of the letter is written in code. A0210-00087 1811 July 10 1 83 Notes [of Aaron Burr], London, listing addresses of the following: Junius Smith, Wm. [William] Graves, W. Godwin, J. Reeves, A Curran, Judge Thorpe, J. Frank Newton, Brunell, Elton Hamond, Rylance, Wm. [William] Dick, and more. A0210-00088 1811 Oct 30 1 84 Note [of Aaron Burr] to D.M. Randolph. States, “…I leave my key over the Door – you may take possession if you please – you will find there Bread, butter, cheese, ale, Coffee, Tea, Sugar, Tea Kettle – Water in a Jugg under the farther window…” A0210-00089 1812 Jan 7 1 85 Letter [of Aaron Burr] to J. Clason, J. Skinner & J. Monroe. Begins, “I have long had very extensive commercial concerns with different parts of England...” A0210-00090 1813 Jan 1 86 Letter [of Aaron Burr] to unknown recipient. Begins, “Though Paid neglect, yet you see my Dear Sir, that I have not forgotten…” A0210-00091 1813 Jan 4 1 87 Letter signed Skinner, New York, to J. Monroe. Begins, “It is now eight Days since our return to this city and during this short interval many interesting particulars have come to our knowledge lending to confirm the truth of those which we had the honor to communicate to you in person...” A0210-00092 1813 Feb 11 1 88 Letter signed G. Sickels, New York, to James Cox. Begins, “An old soldier claims a few Minutes of your time & attention...” Regarding land he did not receive after serving in the military. Mentions Lt. Col. Burr. A0210-00093 1813 Feb 20 1 89 Letter signed Skinner, New York to J. Monroe. Begins, “On the 11 feb. Cap. Willis & myself had the honor to address you, requesting to know whether you had come to a determination on the matters, which we had the honor to submit to your Consideration with respect to Cartels…” A0210-00094 1813 Mar 30 1 90 Letter signed Cap. Skinner to Genl. VNess [VanNess]. Begins, “In my interviews with Mr. Munroe, he…gave me so much reason to expect the priviledge of one or more Cartels that I have not thought myself at liberty to engage in any other occupation & have been ever since waiting for his command with the utmost solicitude & impatience…” A0210-00095 1813 Mar 30 1 91 Letter [of Aaron Burr], Newburgh, to G.M.R. Begins, “It is probable, my dear friend, that you have long Since forgotten that I had promised myself the pleasure of visiting Mount-Hope on this day...” A0210-00096 1813 Sept 18 1 92 Letter [of Aaron Burr], N. York, to Madame [Leonora] Fenwick, Paris. (French) A0210-00097 1813 Dec 28 1 93 Letter [of G. Sickles?], Albany, to Jonathan Akon. Reads, “…It may be known to you that I commanded a regiment for several years, commencing in 1777 (when I was 20 years old) during our Revolutionary War. Every officer of that Regiment who was an inhabitant of this State hath recd. [received] from the state a bounty of Lands. I alone never asked it. I had other resources. I sought no reward…” A0210-00098 1814 Jan 14 1 94 Letter [of Aaron Burr], New York, to Denon [Dominique Vivant, Baron de Denon. Director General of Museums of France], France. (French) A0210-00099 1814 July 8 1 95 Letter [of Aaron Burr] to Al. McCrohon. Begins, “This trifling toy was marked, as you see, just before your departure and was intended to have been offered personally…” A0210-00100 1814 Aug 23 1 96 Letter [of Aaron Burr], Philadelphia, to “Madame.” (French) A0210-00101 1814 Dec 22 1 97 Letter [of Aaron Burr] to unknown recipient in Albany. Begins, “A friend of Mr. Ely called to day to inform me that the Bill which he had intended to introduce into the H. of A. for my benefit, had been indefinitely postponed by your advice. No doubt you have very good and very friendly reasons for this advice...” A0210-00102 1815 1 98 Letter signed A. B. [Aaron Burr] to J.W. Phillips, signed G.W.L. [Gurdon W. Lathrop]. Reads, “... a few cotton & rice planters are now wanted…my advice is that you go forthwith to Columbia where you will find many of them assembled…” Part of letter torn. A0210-00103 1815 Dec 4 1 99 Letter [of Aaron Burr], N. York, to Genl. D. VanNess. Begins, “I have met here your son William…” A0210-00200 1818 Apr 20 1 100 Letter [of R.M. Jones] to Joseph Lancaster [inventor of the Lancasterian System of Education], Alexandria. A0210-00104 1820 Jan 20 2 1 Letter signed R.M. Jones, Baltimore to Joseph Lancaster, Washington. A0210-00105 1820 Jan 29 2 2 Note [of Aaron Burr], New York. States in full, “The enclosed announce is taken from a London newspaper – It is not said; but it may be preferred, that the Inventor has taken a Patent.” A0210-00106 1825 Apr 18 2 3 Letter signed F. Black, N. York to E.B. States, “…It is with much pain that I learn your determination to leave the amiable family with whom you have resided for the last twelve months, though I acknowledge that I did not expect that you would leave....” A0210-00107 1825 July 31 2 4 Unsigned letter. Mentions Col. Littlefield. A0210-00108 No year Jan 12 2 5 Letter signed A. Burr to Commiss. Leek. Begins, “We are on the eve of Suffering at this Post for Want of flour…Genl. McDougall directs me to look to you for every Necessary in the Commissary Department. I shall therefore expect you will take Means to afford us immediate Relief. I wait your Answer to this with Impatience.” A0210-00109 No year Jan 17 2 6 Note [of Aaron Burr]. (French) A0210-00110 No year Feb 12 2 7 Letter [of Aaron Burr], Kingsbridge, to “My dear Aunt.” Mentions the “Tyrant of Britain.” States, “By some Misfortune or other, I seem to be entirely not of the Way of every Conveyance to Elizth. Town [Elizabethtown]. I have not known of an Opportunity there since I recd. your kind Letter…” A0210-00111 No year Sep 26 2 8 Note [of Aaron Burr]. States in full, “Having each of us had the honor of some personal acquaintance with your Excellency we presume no further references can be necessary to satisfy you of our ability to perform whatever engagements we may make now of the punctuality and good faith with which they will be executed.” A0210-00112 No date 2 9 Note [of Aaron Burr]. Gives instructions regarding a note for Miss Wooster. A0210-00113 No date 2 10 Note [of Aaron Burr], to “Theodosia [his daughter] with two Books.” States in full, “These were given me by E.A. – to whom I am indebted for many acts of friendship – she is worthy of a high ranking in your Esteem.” A0210-00114 No date 2 11 Note. (French) A0210-00115 No date 2 12 Partial note [of Aaron Burr]. States, “I was in the act of writing to you respecting our dear Catharine when your letter of the __ inst. was handed to me. Every friend and relation she has assume a right to direct as her Conduct and mode of education – and great offence has several times been given to the good Lady with whom she lives by this sort of interference and the poor child is...” A0210-00116 No date 2 13 Letter [of Aaron Burr] to unknown recipient. Gives an explanation for signing a previous letter with “Your well-wisher.” A0210-00117 No date 2 14 Partial letter (pages 3-6) signed Ulem. States, “...Rheumatism in the Stomach has been lately her chief Affliction, tho’ this was not her original Disorder…” A0210-00118 No date 2 15 Lists of books. No date 2 16-18 List of French words translated into other languages. A0210-00122 No date 2 19 Letter signed Gamp [Aaron Burr], Philadelphia, to Aaron Burr Alston, Bedford. States in full, “Little Boy – ask Madam La Grille to teach you to Read this Book before Gamp comes and the Gamp will be so proud of his Boy that he will kiss him and jum [jump] for joy.” A0210-00123 No date 2 20 The Burr-Hamilton Duel Series Indictment against Nathaniel Pendleton for his involvement in the Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr duel as Hamilton’s second. A0210-00124 [1805] 2 21 Legal document, signed Woodworth, Attorney General, regarding The People v. Nathaniel Pendleton. Indictment for being a second in a Duel. Pendleton pleaded “Not Guilty,” and was convicted. A0210-00125 1805 Jan 8 2 22 Legal document, signed Woodworth, Attorney General, regarding The People v. W.P. VanNess. Indictment for being the bearer of a Challenge. VanNess pleaded “Not Guilty.” A0210-00126 1805 Jan 8 2 23 The Conspiracy Series Summons to Thomas Aodiny to appear in court in the case of The United States v. Col. A. Burr. A0210-00127 1807 Jan 20 2 24 Legal document stating that Harman Blennerhassett, Ly. [Lyman] Harding, and Bennet Truly “personally appeared before the Judge Thomas Rodney, Washington” in the case of The United States v. Harman Blennerhassett. A0210-00128 1807 Feb 18 2 25 Legal document stating that Davis Floyd, Ezekiel Towson, and Alexr. [Alexander] Bisland appeared before Judge Thomas Rodney, Washington, in the case of The United States v. Davis Floyd. A0210-00129 1807 Feb 28 2 26 Letter signed William C.C. Claiborne, New Orleans, to Ceasar A. Rodney, Washington City. States, “…General Wilkinson and Mr. Graham in obedience to the summons will repair to the City of Richmond...The General takes with him several persons who are important witnesses against Burr…” A0210-00130 1807 May 10 2 27 Letter signed John Smith, Thompsons Creek, to Governor Williams. Begins, “Being charged by the Grand Jury at Richmond, with Treason against the United States, and also a misdemeanor, of which no doubt you have heard, and knowing the charges not to be founded in truth, and as I wish to Meet them, I will thank you to inform me by the first mail, whether I may be permitted to pass without interruption through the Mississippi Territory where you reside, and there to Resign myself to the Civil Authority, and whether you would then allow me to pass to Richmond via Cincinnati, in order to obtain the Necessary documents and Means for defense...” A0210-00131 1807 Aug 15 2 28 Letter signed John Smith, Thompsons Creek, to Governor Williams. Same text as Folder 28. A0210-00132 1807 Aug 15 2 29 Letter signed Robert Williams, Mississippi Territory, Washington, to John Smith. States, “… I am not officially informed of Any charges Agt. [against] you at Richmond as Mentioned, in Your letter, but have been thus informed of charges Agt. Several others & have no doubt of their existence against you. If you Surrender yourself to the Civil Authority of this Territory you will Receive its protection & Shall be Conducted to Richmond According to Your desire…” A0210-00133 1807 Aug 24 2 30 Letter signed Robert Williams, Mississippi Territory, Washington, to John Smith. Same text as Folder 30. A0210-00134 1807 Aug 24 2 31 Letter signed Robert Williams, Washington, to Col. Kingsberry. States in full, “Should Mr. John Smith apply to you for an Escort to this place will you be so good as to furnish it. The reasons in detail for this request will be explained to you by Mr. Smith himself and by my letter to him, which he will give you the perusal of.” A0210-00135 1807 Aug 24 2 32 Contemporary copies of two letters of John Smith, Baton Rouge, to Governor Williams. First letter begins, “I had the honor of receiving your letter of the 24th ult. the day before yesterday covering one to Col. Kingsberry requesting an escort for me to the Town of Washington. From the accommodating disposition you discover, I am the more desirous to return to the United States through your Territory, and therefore I beg leave to enquire whether on Surrendering myself to the Civil authority, you will have me placed under guard, and to what extent and particularly in what manner would I be the subject of confinement or restriction, while I may have to remain in your Territory...” A0210-00136 1807 Sept 3, 9 2 33 Contemporary copies of two letters of John Smith, Baton Rouge, to Governor Williams. Same text as Folder 33. A0210-00137 1807 Sept 3 2 34 Contemporary copies of two letters of Robert Williams, Washington M.T. [Mississippi Territory], to John Smith and Col. Jacob Kingsbury. First letter, to Smith, states, “I presume it is not necessary for me to answer your communication specifically when I inform you that the Escort from this to Cincinnati will consist of two persons and that you will have the liberty to make arrangements for your own accommodation, and travel without restrictions or costs further than the laws of your Country may direct or render necessary.” A0210-00138 1807 Sept 11 2 35 Contemporary copy of letter of Robert Williams, Washington M.T. [Mississippi Territory], to John Smith. Same text as Folder 35 (first letter). A0210-00139 1807 Sept 11 2 36 Document signed Governor Robert Williams and Private Secretary Parker Walton, Washington, Mississippi Territory. Regarding John Smith’s passage to Richmond, Virginia, by way of Cincinnati, under the direction of Captain Stephen Neal, “in the Thirty Second year of American Independence.” A0210-00141 1807 Sept 22 Bl-Bu Contemporary copy of document signed John Smith, Mississippi Territory. Begins, “I John Smith of the State of Ohio and a Senator from that State to the Congress of the United States, being now in the Town of Washington in the Mississippi Territory aforesaid Do voluntarily submit and surrender myself to the Civil authority of said Territory for the purpose of being legally conveyed and Conducted to the District of Virginia, wherein as I am informed I stand indicted for a high misdemeanor and for Treason against the United States, to take my trial agreeably to the laws of the United States, that I may have an opportunity of vindicating my innocence...” A0210-00140 1807 Sept 23 2 37 Contemporary copy of document signed John Smith, Mississippi Territory. Same text as Folder 38. A0210-00142 1807 Sept 23 2 38 Letter signed Robert Williams, Town of Washington, Mississippi Territory, to Henry Dearborn, Secretary of War, Washington City. Reads, “Captain Stephen Neal and Mr. James S. Wade take on Mr. Smith from this place to Richmond, under a Commitment from Judge Rodney. I have agreed that the United States will compensate them at the rate of not less than from three dollars and a half to four dollars per day and bear their expenses – this may seem high, but men of Character cannot be got in this quarter for less. I hope therefore you will settle with them accordingly.” A0210-00143 1807 Sept 24 2 39 Contemporary copy of letter of Robert Williams, Town of Washington, Mississippi Territory, to Henry Dearborn, Secretary of War, Washington City. Same text as Folder 39. A0210-00144 1807 Sept 24 2 40 Letter signed Robert Williams, Town of Washington, Mississippi Territory, to Capt. Stephen Neal. States in full, “You will keep an account of the expense in conducting Mr. Smith to Richmond, and should exigency render it necessary you are authorized to draw on me at this place, or the Secretary of War, for any monies you may stand in need of.” A0210-00145 1807 Sept 24 2 41 Letter signed Robert Williams, Washington, Mississippi Territory, to Ceasar A. Rodney, Attorney General of the United States, Washington City. Begins, “Mr. John Smith of Ohio a few days ago Surrendered himself to the authority of the law at this place – we are not officially informed of his being Indicted at Richmond as a party in Burr’s conspiracy; but from his own acknowledgment to that fact and other unofficial sources of information he has been committed by Judge Rodney to Richmond….” A0210-00146 1807 Sept 28 2 42 Letter signed Robert Williams, Washington, Mississippi Territory, to Henry Dearborn, Secretary of War. Begins, “On the 24th instant Mr. John Smith of Ohio left this for Richmond Virginia under a Commitment by the Honorable Thomas Rodney. He surrendered himself a few days – before – as we had no official information of his being indicted the Judge thought proper to take his acknowledgment as to that fact as the enclosed copy of an instrument No. 1 will shew…” A0210-00147 1807 Sept 28 2 43 Letter signed Wm. [William] Clark, Louisville, to James Madison Secretary of State. Begins, “I have the honour of inclosing to you two letters from Mr. P. Provenchere of Louisiana which I received only a few days ago. One in answer to a letter from me of the 18th of July, a copy of which is inclosed, and the other his statement of (a part of) what he knows respecting Mr. Burrs conspiracy, which he has refered to in a former letter to me, and forwarded to you from St. Louis in July last....” A0210-00148 1807 Oct 6 2 44 Letter signed Har. [Harman] Blennerhassett, Stills’ Hotel, Wash. [Washington] City, to The Honble. Atty. [Honorable Attorney] General of the United States [Ceasar A. Rodney]. Begins, “Having been informed Mr. Comfort Tyler has obtained from you a final discharge, I am led to call upon you, in yr. [your] Official character, to learn how far it may be agreeable to the present disposition of Govt. to intend to myself a similar liberation from the trouble and expense of preparing for another Trial...” A0210-00149 1807 Oct 20 2 45 Legal document signed Wm. [William] Marshall, clerk of the court of the United States for the fifth circuit, Virginia District, Richmond. Indictment for Treason and Indictment for a Misdemeanor in the trial of The United States v. John Smith. A0210-00150 1807 Nov 23 2 46 Letter signed S. Thomas, East Town, to T. [Thomas] Jefferson. States in full, “The good opinion I have of you and your administration while Our Chief Magistrate induces me to trouble you with these lines as I wish my Country well and you my friend can you divise [devise] no means to get rid of so Obnoxious a character as [James] Wilkinson has he not been conserned [concerned] for a great many years with this notorious traytor [traitor] Burr Only Sir look at it and then gudge [judge] has he not ever Since the hapy [happy] charge been plotting with Burr and has he not been Charged publicly of being in Spanish pay for years and the greatest Villian allways turns State evidence first.” A0210-00151 1807 Nov 26 2 47 Newspaper clipping from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch concerning a letter dated June 30, 1797, from T. Pickering to Winthrop Sargent. A0210-00152 1952 Feb 25 2 48 Partial letter from unknown author regarding the Burr Conspiracy. A0210-00153 No date 2 49 Miscellaneous Series Note to John Morton for $14.50 signed Aaron Burr, New York. A0210-00154 1796 July 29 2 50 Broadside titled “Burrism Unmasked,” Columbia County, New York, opposing Aaron Burr, who was then running for Governor of New York. A0210-00156 1804 Apr 19 Bl-Bu Document titled “First composition of Theodosia Burr.” An accompanying letter of Mary Benjamin, New York, to Charles Van Ravenswaay, St. Louis, July 28, 1958, theorizes that the document is not the work of Theodosia Burr. A0210-00155 No date 2 51