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A2744 South Side Day Nursery Papers Inventory of South Side Day Nursery Papers A2744 EAD by Jaime Bourassa using ArchivesSpace Missouri Historical Society Library and Research Center 2018 225 S. Skinker Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63105 URL: This finding aid was produced using ArchivesSpace on 2018-10-02 06:54:22 -0500 . English Describing Archives: A Content Standard English Missouri Historical Society Library and Research Center South Side Day Nursery Papers South Side Day Nursery (Saint Louis, Mo.) A2744 5.5 Cubic Feet (11 boxes) 1886-2010 Processing Information Processed by Claire Navarro, December 2010. Donor Information The collection was donated by the South Side Day Nursery in October 2010. Historical Sketch The South Side Day Nursery, organized in 1886 by fifteen Unitarian women and incorporated in 1888, is the oldest daycare facility in the St. Louis area and one of the oldest in the country. At its inception the nursery was intended to charitably assist working mothers in south St. Louis by providing quality care for young children. The nursery was housed at 1621 South 10th Street from its founding until November 1951, when the building was vacated in order to make way for expansion of the 3rd Street Interregional Highway. The St. Louis Variety Club underwrote a loan to complete construction of a new building at 2930 Iowa Avenue, which opened in December 1953. Over the years the role of the organization has substantially expanded to include social services and community-development efforts. The nursery is still in operation today. Scope and Contents The South Side Day Nursery Papers consist of bound volumes, loose papers, and photographs relevant to the operations and history of the South Side Day Nursery. The papers will be of particular interest to researchers investigating St. Louis history, the history of the Benton Park West neighborhood, non-profit management, St. Louis charitable organizations, and the history of early-childhood education and social work. Arrangement Preserving original order whenever possible, the papers are arranged into seven series: Minutes , Reports , Publications , Newspaper , Correspondence , Miscellaneous , and Photographs . The Minutes Series is organized in three sections: monthly board minutes, annual meeting minutes, and committee meeting minutes. Monthly board minutes make up the bulk of the series and frequently include related documents, such as minutes of special board meetings and committee meetings, lists of board and committee members, ballots and reports of the nominating committee, and copies of reviewed and revised policies. From 1986, most months also include a director’s report and “monthly service statistics” showing the number, ethnicity, and family status of enrolled children. (For years before 1986, researchers may find director’s reports in the Reports Series .) From 1990 and 1991, respectively, financial statements and monthly newsletters are also included. There are no documents from December 1994–November 1997. Annual meeting minutes follow the monthly board minutes. These minutes, especially those from the 1940s, frequently refer to organizations with which the nursery was involved, such as the Child Welfare League of America, United Charities, and the Social Planning Council. Early committee meeting minutes follow the annual meeting minutes. The Reports Series is organized in four sections: annual reports, executive director’s reports, teacher’s reports, and president’s letters. Multiple annual reports before 1919 are missing. Executive director’s reports begin in 1947 and include several descriptions of families served (see October–November 1947; 1950; 1961). Beginning February 1986 executive director’s reports are filed with the monthly board minutes. Teacher’s reports are monthly from 1938–1962, though many are missing. President’s letters include annual letters as well as those relating to fundraising campaigns. The Publications Series primarily consists of newsletters but also includes South Side Day Nursery brochures, manuals, publicity materials, and event invitations/programs. Box 10, folder 12 contains previously compiled history, including the detailed booklet “The History of South Side Day Nursery 1886–1994” and the text of a speech on South Side Day Nursery history given in 1998. Publications not produced by the South Side Day Nursery include programs of the Harvest Moon festivals, put on by the Variety Club in the 1950s in part to support the nursery’s building fund. The Newspaper Series articles range from 1939–2002. Many 1950s clippings relate to the controversy over expansion of 3rd Street Highway and the funding, construction, and opening of the nursery’s new building at 2930 W. Iowa Ave. Later articles primarily discuss South Side history or events. Items in the Correspondence Series were originally organized as “Letters, Memos, and Cards of Historical Information.” Please note that correspondence may also be filed alongside meeting minutes or reports. The Miscellaneous Series includes papers relating to South Side’s 1986 centennial celebrations as well as the report from an eagle-scout project completed at the nursery. In the Photographs Series , photographs with captions are sorted by content (name, year, or event). Those without captions are sorted into more general categories. Items Transferred to Other Departments Museum Collections : Plaques: Ula Neuhoff Memorial Scholarship Fund; Julie Conell Scholarship Fund; Kathy Connel Memorial Tree. Printing Block: 1956 Annual Report. Felt and fabric banner. Photographs and Prints : Box of slides, including images from the early organization. CD of photos. Class of 2004-2005 photo composite. Broadcast Media : 5 VHS videotapes: Volunteer luncheons: 1996, 1996; undated open house; 1990 Annual Meeting; 1997 ‘Toys for Tots’ television appearance. Conditions Governing Access The collection is open for research use. Conditions Governing Use For permission to publish, quote from, or reproduce material in this collection, please contact the Archives Reference Desk at . Copyright restrictions may apply. The researcher assumes full responsibility for comforming to the laws of copyright. Physical and Technical Requirements There are no physical or technical restrictions. Existence and Location of Copies Selected items from the South Side Day Nursery Papers were digitized by Claire Navarro in 2010. The images may be viewed online by clicking the links beside each item in the inventory. Related Materials A history of the South Side Day Nursery compiled by Ruth H. Drake (call number: St.L. 372.216 So726) is available in the Missouri Historical Society Library, as well as Annual Reports from 1888-1890 (call number: St.L. 361 P19) and 1903, 1906, and 1907 (call number: St.L. 362.71 So88 17th). A program from a South Side Day Nursery 2014 gala is also available (call number: St.L. 362.71 So88g 2014). Preferred Citation South Side Day Nursery Papers, Missouri Historical Society Archives, St. Louis. Charities -- Missouri -- Saint Louis Day care centers -- Missouri -- Saint Louis Nursery schools -- Missouri -- Saint Louis Minutes Series Monthly board minutes. (bound book) 1886 Mar-1896 May 1 1 Monthly board minutes. (bound book) 1896 June-1909 July 1 2 Monthly board minutes. (bound book) 1909 Aug-1924 May 1 3 Monthly board minutes. 1924 June-1926 Dec 1 4 Monthly board minutes. 1927 Jan-1928 Dec 1 5 Monthly board minutes. 1929 Jan-1930 Dec 1 6 Monthly board minutes. 1931-1932 2 1 Monthly board minutes. 1933-1934 2 2 Monthly board minutes. 1935-1936 2 3 Monthly board minutes. 1937 2 4 Monthly board minutes. 1938-1939 2 5 Monthly board minutes. 1940-1941 2 6 Monthly board minutes. Includes notes on a series of meetings with Elizabeth Clark, Consultant Metropolitan for War Time Childcare, and her report (March 1943). 1942-1943 2 7 Report from the United Charities to the South Side Day Nursery, 1942 Recommendations on South Side Day Nursery, written by Helene M. Priester, Consultant for Metropolitan Committee for War-Time Child-Care, August 21, 1943 Monthly board minutes. 1944-1945 2 8 Monthly board minutes. 1946-1947 2 9 Monthly board minutes. 1948-1949 2 10 Monthly board minutes. 1950-1951 2 11 Monthly board minutes. 1953-1954 2 12 Monthly board minutes. 1955-1956 2 13 Monthly board minutes. 1957-1958 3 1 Monthly board minutes. 1959 3 2 Monthly board minutes. 1960-1961 3 3 Monthly board minutes. 1962; 1963 Nov; 1964 Dec 3 4 Monthly board minutes. 1965-1966 3 5 Monthly board minutes. 1967-1968 3 6 Monthly board minutes. 1969-1970 3 7 Monthly board minutes. 1971-1972 3 8 Monthly board minutes. 1973-1974 3 9 Monthly board minutes. 1975-1976 3 10 Monthly board minutes. 1977-1978 3 11 Monthly board minutes. 1979-1980 3 12 Monthly board minutes. 1981-1982 3 13 Monthly board minutes. 1983-1984 4 1 Monthly board minutes. 1985 4 2 Monthly board minutes. 1986 4 3 Monthly board minutes. 1987 4 4 Monthly board minutes. 1988 4 5 Monthly board minutes. 1989 4 6 Monthly board minutes. 1990 Jan-Apr 4 7 Monthly board minutes. 1990 May-Aug 4 8 Monthly board minutes. 1990 Sept-Dec 4 9 Monthly board minutes. 1991 Jan-Apr 4 10 Monthly board minutes. 1991 May-July 4 11 Monthly board minutes. 1991 Aug-Oct 4 12 Monthly board minutes. 1991 Nov-Dec 4 13 Monthly board minutes. 1992 Jan-Apr 5 1 Monthly board minutes. 1992 May-July 5 2 Monthly board minutes. 1992 Aug-Sept 5 3 Monthly board minutes. 1992 Oct-Dec 5 4 Monthly board minutes. 1993 Jan-Feb 5 5 Monthly board minutes. 1993 Mar 5 6 Monthly board minutes. 1993 Apr-May 5 7 Monthly board minutes. 1993 June-Aug 5 8 Monthly board minutes. 1993 Sept-Oct 5 9 Monthly board minutes. 1993 Nov-Dec 5 10 Monthly board minutes. 1994 Jan-May 5 11 Monthly board minutes. 1994 Apr 5 12 Monthly board minutes. 1994 May-June 6 1 Monthly board minutes. 1994 July-Aug 6 2 Monthly board minutes. 1994 Sept-Nov 6 3 Monthly board minutes. 1997 Dec; 1998 Jan-Mar 6 4 Monthly board minutes. 1998 Apr-Oct 6 5 Monthly board minutes. Includes material about director Marlene Levine’s candidacy for Denali Initiative fellowship. 1998 Nov-1999 Mar 6 6 Monthly board minutes. Includes Agency Crisis Response Policy; Human Energies Partnership concept paper; Benton Park West Neighborhood Expansion Plan; and first draft of Denali Initiative concept paper, proposing development of a small business incubator. 1999 May-June 6 7 Monthly board minutes. Includes report and presentation on the Family Support Care and Education Network Project; text of speech given by director Marlene Levine/overview of existing family service initiatives in the St. Louis area; and proposal for expansion plans and timeline for a Community Learning Organization. 1999 July-Sept 6 8 Monthly board minutes. Includes copy of letter from U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development awarding $750,000 for South Side Day Nursery expansion (November 1999) and South Side Community Business and Technology Center Business Plan. 1999 Oct-Nov 6 9 Annual meeting minutes. 1925-1939 6 10 Annual meeting minutes. 1940-1949 6 11 Annual meeting minutes. 1950-1959 6 12 Annual meeting minutes. 1960-1969 7 1 Annual meeting minutes. 1970-1984 7 2 Annual meeting minutes. Includes notes on centennial meeting, including flyers for various events and annual committee reports (1986) and publicity materials for the Kappa Delta Alumni sorority’s balloon-launch fundraiser (1988). 1985-1990 7 3 Finance Committee minutes. 1889 Jan-1917 Apr 7 4 Financial cash book. 1890 May-1893 Apr 7 5 Finance Committee minutes. 1917 June-1924 Mar 7 6 Minutes of the Visiting Committee. 1889 May-1917 Apr 7 7 Reports Series Annual reports. 1888-1893 8 1 South Side Day Nursery Second Annual Report, 1888 South Side Day Nursery Fourth Annual Report, 1890 South Side Day Nursery Fifth Annual Report, 1891 South Side Day Nursery Sixth Annual Report, 1892 South Side Day Nursery Seventh Annual Report, 1893 Annual reports. 1894-1904 8 2 South Side Day Nursery Eighth Annual Report, 1894 South Side Day Nursery Ninth Annual Report, 1895 Annual reports. 1907-1914 8 3 Annual reports. 1917-1935 8 4 Annual reports. 1936-1945 8 5 Annual reports. 1946-1956 8 6 Annual reports. 1957-1964 8 7 Annual reports. 1965-1975 8 8 Annual reports. 1977; 1980-1986 8 9 Annual reports. 1987-1996 8 10 Executive Director’s reports. 1939-1942 8 11 Executive Director’s reports. 1943-1944 8 12 Executive Director’s reports. 1945-1946 8 13 Executive Director’s reports. 1947-1949 9 1 Executive Director’s reports. 1950; 1954-1955 9 2 Executive Director’s reports. 1956-1957 9 3 Executive Director’s reports. 1958-1960 9 4 Executive Director’s reports. 1961-1964 9 5 Executive Director’s reports. 1965-1967 9 6 Executive Director’s reports. 1968-1974; 1984 9 7 Teacher’s reports. 1938-1962 9 8 President’s letters. 1962-1978; 1984; 1988 9 9 Publications Series Newsletters. 1971-1989 9 10 Newsletters. 1990-1994 9 11 Newsletters. 1995-1999 9 12 Newsletters. 2000-2002 9 13 Newsletters. 2003-2004 10 1 Newsletters. 2005-2009 10 2 Parent’s manuals. 1976; 1981; 1990; 1994 10 3 Personnel practices booklets. 1955; 1976; 1984 10 4 Social Planning Council report. 1951 10 5 Excerpted map from report of the Social Planning Council, 1951 Funding appeal. ca. 1951 10 5 Variety Club festival programs. No date 10 5 St. Louis Variety Club Harvest Moon Festival program and advertisement, November 14, 1953 Publicity (Laclede News). 1967 10 6 Famous Barr. 1972 10 6 Child Care Information Exchange), specifications for addition to South Side Day Nursery. 1966 10 6 Brochures and organization information. No date 10 7 Appeals and fundraising. No date 10 8 Event programs. No date 10 9 South Side Day Nursery Silver Anniversary Booklet, 1911 Event invitations. 1936; 1954 10 10 Invitation to the Fiftieth Anniversary celebration of the South Side Day Nursery, May 22, 1936 Invitation to the Dedication and Open House of the South Side Day Nursery at 2930 Iowa Avenue, May 8, 1954 Event invitations, flyers, and greeting cards. No date 10 11 Invitation to the Silver Anniversary of the South Side Day Nursery at the Union Club at Jefferson and Lafayette Avenues, March 22, 1912 Invitation to the 75th Anniversary celebration of South Side Day Nursery, ca. 1961 Centennial flier for South Side Day Nursery, 1986 Previously compiled Nursery history. No date 10 12 Certificates and official documents. No date 10 13 Newspaper Series Newspaper clippings. 1939-1951 11 1 Newspaper clippings. 1953 11 2 Newspaper clippings. 1954-1979 11 3 Newspaper clippings.. 1980-1997 11 4 Newspaper clippings. 1998-2002 11 5 Correspondence Series Letter from L. Babock, examiner of land titles and conveyance. 1888 11 6 Letter signed L. Babcock, Examiner of Land Titles and Conveyances, to Professor Calvin M. Woodward, February 4, 1888 50th anniversary speech and congratulations. 1936 11 7 Handwritten notes for 50th Anniversary speech of the South Side Day Nursery, no date Western Union telegram to South Side Day Nursery from Hope and Eleanor Mersereau, no date Board correspondence. 1936-1989 11 8 Supporter/member correspondence and related fundraising materials. 1934-1986 11 9 Fundraising letter for South Side Day Nursery, signed Grace Dorrance, October 12, 1942 South Side Day Nursery fundraising booklet titled "Here's Why They Need Your Help," ca. 1949 Letter to South Side Day Nursery supporters, signed Mrs. Noel F. Delporte, May 16, 1949 Donation slip from South Side Day Nursery capital fund, May 7, 1952 Fundraising letter for South Side Day Nursery capital fund campaign, May 7, 1952 Miscellaneous Series Centennial folder. 1986 11 10 Eagle Scout fence-building project report. 2000 11 11 Photographs Series 1621 S. 10th Street. No date 11 12 Photograph of South Side Day Nursery at 1621 South Tenth Street, ca. 1910 Photograph of the South Side Day Nursery at 1621 S. Tenth Street, ca. 1920 Photograph of the South Side Day Nursery at 1621 S. Tenth Street, ca. 1920 2930 Iowa Ave. No date 11 13 Photograph of South Side Day Nursery groundbreaking at 2930 Iowa Ave., March 25, 1953 Photograph of the South Side Day Nursery at 2930 Iowa Ave., no date Photograph of the South Side Day Nursery at 2930 Iowa Ave., no date Barbara Torrence. No date 11 14 Photograph of South Side Day Nursery director Barbara Torrence, ca. 1986 Photograph of South Side Day Nursery director Barbara Torrence and a child, no date Marlene Levine. No date 11 15 Photograph of South Side Day Nursery director Marlene Levine, no date Carolyn Cotta. No date 11 16 Photograph of Carolyn Cotta and Helen MacLean, January 14, 1973 Richard Gephardt. No date 11 17 Harriet Woods. No date 11 18 Joan Crawford. No date 11 19 Photograph of Joan Crawford at the South Side Day Nursery, November 2, 1955 Photograph of Joan Crawford reading to South Side Day Nursery children, November 2, 1955 Photograph of Joan Crawford reading to South Side Day Nursery children, November 2, 1955 Photograph of Joan Crawford with South Side Day Nursery children, November 2, 1955 Betty and Cliff Kelly. No date 11 20 Kathy Connell. No date 11 21 Whit Godfrey. No date 11 22 Kappa Delta Alumnae of St. Louis. No date 11 23 Photographs. 1924 11 24 Photograph of South Side Day Nursery children, 1924 Photographs. 1953-1954 11 25 Photograph of Aladine Shoemaker with children and staff at the newly-opened South Side Day Nursery at 2930 Iowa Ave., 1954 Photograph of teacher and child at the South Side Day Nursery, 1954 Photograph of children drawing and a staff member at South Side Day Nursery, no date 75th anniversary celebration. 1961 11 26 Photograph of Ula Neuhoff and other women at the 75th anniversary celebration of South Side Day Nursery, April 19, 1961 Photograph of Ula Neuhoff giving an award at the 75th anniversary celebration of South Side Day Nursery, April 19, 1961 Photograph of women celebrating the 75th anniversary of South Side Day Nursery, including Ula Neuhoff, April 19, 1961 Centennial parade. 1986 11 27 Photograph of children holding a banner in the South Side Day Nursery centennial parade, 1986 Photograph of two African American girls waving in the South Side Day Nursery centennial parade, 1986 Kids of South Side (early years). No date 11 28 Photograph of children on the steps of South Side Day Nursery, ca. 1888 Photograph of children in a kindergarten classroom at South Side Day Nursery, ca. 1910 Photograph of children in a kindergarten classroom at South Side Day Nursery, ca. 1910 Photograph of children in a South Side Day Nursery kindergarten class, ca. 1910 Photograph of two girls on a see-saw at South Side County Day nursery, ca. 1910 Photograph of a woman and a child at South Side Day Nursery, ca. 1910 Kids of South Side. No date 11 29-30 Photograph of child on tricycle in the play yard at the South Side Day Nursery, no date Bingo fundraising. No date 11 31 Events and parties (early years). No date 11 32 Photograph of four women (South Side Day Nursery staff?) in front of the Pine Street Dining Room, ca. 1910 Photograph of a group of women drinking tea, ca. 1910 Photograph of a group of women quilting at South Side Day Nursery, ca. 1910 Photograph of two women drinking tea at South Side Day Nursery, ca. 1910 Photograph of a woman sewing at South Side Day Nursery, ca. 1910 Events and parties. No date 11 33-36 People and portraits. No date 11 37 Photograph of Mrs. Vogel, matron, in South Side Day Nursery kitchen, 1904 Photographed logos and documents. No date 11 38 Photograph of incorporation document of the South Side Day Nursery, signed Michael K. McGrath, Missouri Secretary of State, July 16, 1888