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A1767 Woodruff Family Collection Inventory of Woodruff Family Collection A1767 EAD by Sarah Wohaska using Archives Space Missouri Historical Society Library and Research Center 2016 225 S. Skinker Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63105 URL: This finding aid was produced using ArchivesSpace on 2018-09-27 06:29:42 -0500 . English Describing Archives: A Content Standard English Missouri Historical Society Library and Research Center Woodruff Family Collection Woodruff family A1767 0.5 Cubic Feet (1 box (75 items)) 1850-1957 Processing Information Processed by Dennis Northcott, September 2003. Donor Information Donor information is not available. Biographical Sketch Frederick C. Woodruff was born in 1838 in Granby, Massachusetts. He served in the Civil War in an Ohio unit, and soon after the war moved to St. Louis, where he worked for many years as a school principal. He died in 1906. His wife was Mary Humphrey (Newton) Woodruff (1839-1891). His son Frederick Eno Woodruff was born April 26, 1872, in Ferguson, St. Louis County, Missouri, and became an ophthalmologist. He died December 28, 1962, in St. Louis. Scope and Contents The collection contains two items that are clearly from the Woodruff family, namely, the bound school notebook of F.C. Woodruff and the Missouri Historical Society family history form, filled out by Frederick Eno Woodruff. However, the remainder of the collection is a disparate assortment of documents that cannot be readily associated with the Woodruff family. Other surnames that appear in the collection more than once are Fauntleroy, Schrage, and Uhlich. The bulk of the collection relates to St. Louis, and includes receipts, newspaper clippings, calling cards, business cards, printed programs and invitations, mostly relating to events at St. Louis–area schools and churches, and advertising material for St. Louis–area businesses. Several items in the collection relate to art. Arrangement The collection is arranged chronologically. Conditions Governing Access The collection is open for research use. Conditions Governing Use For permission to publish, quote from, or reproduce material in this collection, please contact the Archives Reference Desk at . Copyright restrictions may apply. The researcher assumes full responsibility for conforming to the laws of copyright. Physical and Technical Requirements There are no physical or technical restrictions. Preferred Citation Woodruff Family Collection, Missouri Historical Society Archives, St. Louis. Advertising -- Missouri -- Saint Louis Business cards -- Missouri -- Saint Louis Business enterprises -- Missouri -- Saint Louis Commencement ceremonies Finance, Personal Visiting cards -- Missouri -- Saint Louis Receipt of Field & Beardslee, 160 Main St., corner of Washington Ave., St. Louis, to M. Bleifuss & Co. 1850 Mar 13 1 1 Receipt of L. & C. Speck, St. Louis, to Bleifuss & Co. 1851 Jan 18 1 1 Poetry book of August Schrage. Contains handwritten poems in English and German. 1858-1868 1 2 Letter of Kingslands & Ferguson, Phoenix Foundry and Agricultural Works, St. Louis, to Mr. Zigler, Pilot Knob, Missouri. Encloses bill for machinery for Mr. L. Wilson. 1858 July 2 1 3 Bound school notebook of F.C. Woodruff. First page is titled "F.C. Woodruff’s translation of memorabilia." 1859 1 4 Printed order of exercises for the prize exhibition of the sophomore and freshman classes, Shurtleff College (Alton, Illinois). 1863 June 10 1 5 Printed memorial poem titled "Lines to the Bereaved Parents and Friends of Little Fannie Harrison, Who Died September 14, 1863. Aged Eight Years, Ten Months, and Eight Days," Alton, Illinois. circa 1863 Sept 1 5 Printed constitution and by-laws of the Western Female Guardian Society. Organized May 7, 1866, St. Louis. 1866 1 5 Bound account book of C.A. Schrage, St. Louis. Label on front cover reads "Jones Commercial College, St. Louis." Book is presumed to be Schrage's practice ledger while a student at the college. circa 1872 1 6 Receipt of Cheltenham Fire-Brick Co., 916, 918, and 920 Market St., St. Louis, to Chas. Schrager. 1873 1 7 Bound account book. Contains five pages of accounts regarding expenses for a building in St. Louis. 1873-1892 1 8 Printed invitation of E. Wyman, principal, Wyman Institute, Upper Alton, Illinois, to attend a lawn exhibition. 1884 May 21 1 9 Printed order of exercises for the memorial to General George B. McClellan, First M.E. Church, Jackson, Michigan, under the auspices of the Edward Pomeroy Post, Grand Army of the Republic. 1885 Nov 5 1 9 Receipt of Henry Kassing, southeast corner Blair Ave. and St. Louis Ave., St. Louis, to E.A. Schrage, for a refrigerator. 1888 June 27 1 9 Ribbon for Railroad Day at the St. Louis Exposition. 1892 Oct 11 1 9 Printed order of exercises for the Froebel banner presentation at the Madison School (St. Louis). 1895 Apr 19 1 9 Pencil note written on stationery of Bader & Co., wholesale liquor dealers, 5239-5241 North Broadway, St. Louis. 190- 1 9 Advertisement card of F.W. Barker, trademark agent, New York, sent to F.A. Uhlich, 2001 Salisbury St., St. Louis. 1901 Apr 9 1 9 Requisition of Ernst L. Bader, 7200 North Broadway, St. Louis, for special liquor stamps and certificates from T.J. Martin, special license commissioner, Jefferson City, Missouri. 1901 Sept 26 1 9 Receipt of Dr. G.H. Owen, dentist, 3514 Lucas Avenue, St. Louis, to Miss Mary Fauntleroy. 1903 Mar 10 1 9 Handwritten document titled “The Ideal Girl,” which lists moral, mental, and material attributes. 1905 Jan 26 1 9 Christening document or birth certificate for Michael Chrusty, born August 30, 1880. (Document is in Hungarian; includes partial translation.) 1905 Feb 21 1 9 Report card of Michael Chrusty. (Document is in Hungarian; includes partial translation.) 1905 Feb 22 1 9 Union soldier's license of John C. Lewis, granted by the clerk of the City of East St. Louis, in "accordance with an Act of the General Assembly of the State of Illinois, entitled 'An act permitting all ex-Union soldiers and sailors, honorably discharged from the military or marine service of the United States, the right to vend, hawk, and peddle goods, wares, fruits or merchandise, not prohibited by law, in any county, town, village, or incorporated city or municipality in the State of Illinois.'" 1906 Oct 15 1 9 Illustrated envelope of the Davies Piano Company, Nashville, Tennessee, addressed to Mrs. F.G. Uhlich, 2001 Salisbury St., St. Louis. 1906 Apr 22 1 9 Circular letter of C.W. Frazee, 823 Pine St., Boss Barbers Association of St. Louis. circa 1907 1 9 Program of the centennial exercises at Compton Hill Congregational Church. 1909 Oct 3 1 10 Illustrated envelope of the Clementine Bath Co., Mt. Clemens, Michigan, addressed to William C. Johnson, St. Louis. 1910 Aug 1 10 Printed lyrics to a song titled "Missouri," written by the wife of a Missourian, Manitou, Colorado. Dedicated to Mrs. Mabel Anderson, Kansas City, Missouri. 1911 Aug 10 1 10 Telegram of Mrs. John D. Lawson, St. Louis, to the conductor of Wabash train no. 3, Mexico, Missouri. Asks if John D. Lawson of Columbia is aboard. 1911 Sept 1 1 10 Receipt of Dr. G.H. Owen, dentist, Metropolitan Building, Grand and Olive, St. Louis, to Mrs. B.S. Fauntleroy, 4150 Morgan St. 1917 Apr 2 1 10 Receipt of Dr. G.H. Owen, dentist, to Miss Mary Fauntleroy. 1917 June 1 1 10 Six receipts of George Waldbart, florist, 516 North Grand Ave., St. Louis, Miss Mary Fauntleroy. 1917 Sept-1920 Jan 1 10 World War I–era newspaper advertisement for the Nemo self-help corset no. 333. circa 1918 1 10 Program for the sacred concert given by the East St. Louis Choral Society and St. Louis Artists at Jefferson Barracks, St. Louis. 1918 June 19 1 10 Printed schedule of events for December 1919, United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland. 1919 Dec 1 1 10 Graduation program for Mary Institute. 1920 June 4 1 10 Promotional brochure for Rubicam Business School, St. Louis (2 copies). circa 1921 1 10 Advertisement card from the new freed radio, C. Heinz Stove Co., 100 North 2nd Street, St. Louis 1929-1930 1 10 Issue of the "Transit News," Vol. 1, No. 3. 1929 Mar 11 1 10 Issue of the "Transit News," Vol. 1, No. 7. 1929 May 6 1 10 Commencement program for Washington University, St. Louis. 1929 June 11 1 10 Printed invitation to the first solemn mass of Reverend John H. Smith at St. Mark's Church, St. Louis. 1929 June 16 1 10 Commencement program of the St. Louis Institute of Music, First Congregational Church, Clayton, Missouri. 1944 June 3 1 11 Missouri Historical Society family history form, filled out by Frederick Eno Woodruff, 4 Kingsbury Place, St. Louis. (Transferred from "Alphabetical Files–Woodruff, Frederick Eno," September 2003.) 1951 Jan 2 1 11 Newspaper clipping titled "Louisiana Purchase: 1953," which contains a poem written by Mrs. J.D. Rowland of Kirkwood. 1953 1 11 Press release of the Grand Central Art Galleries, New York, N.Y., regarding an exhibition of paintings of William R. Leigh titled "Eight Decades in Review." circa 1955 1 11 Photocopy of St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper clipping titled "Air History at St. Louis: Photos of Nation's First International Meet Held Here in 1910." 1957 Dec 8 1 11 Printed invitation to the first annual al fresco of the Society for the Promotion of St. Louis Art. [no year] June 7 1 11 Advertisement for the fifth annual Great Southwest Antique and Hobby Exposition at the Hotel Kingshighway, St. Louis. No date 1 11 Printed synopsis of lectures of the St. Louis School and Museum of Fine Arts. No date 1 11 Advertisement for the Krebs Lithographing Co., Cincinnati. No date 1 11 Promotional brochure of The Gray Line sightseeing motor tours, St. Louis. No date 1 11 Advertisement card for the Old House of Antiques, Arnold, Missouri. Includes photograph and brief history of the house. No date 1 11 Advertisement for Mother's Day cakes, Warner’s Bakery, 5095 North Union Ave.. No date 1 11 Printed card listing the "contents of hope chest. Valued at $500.00. Awarded for the benefit of our boys in the service. Under auspices of the Soldiers & Sailors News Committee of St. John's Evangelical Church." No date 1 11 Photocopy of newspaper clipping titled "What’s a Suffragist?" No date 1 11 Calling card of Miss Ranken, The Southern. No date 1 11 Calling card of Miss Bond, 17 Vandeventer Place. No date 1 11 Calling card of Mrs. Samuel Broaddus Jeffries, 5161 Cabanne Avenue. No date 1 11 Calling card of Mrs. Onward Bates, 320 Belden Avenue, Chicago. No date 1 11 Business card of Alfred S. Gentry, manager, Barr & Widen Commercial Agency Co. No date 1 11 Business card of Joseph A. Gerber, artist, 1861 Menard Street, St. Louis. No date 1 11 Business card of Lawver & Schrage, 208 North Sixth Street, St. Louis. No date 1 11 Business card of Mrs. C.F. Fleming, artist, St. Louis. No date 1 11 Business card of John Grischy's photographic art gallery, St. Louis. No date 1 11 Admission card from E. Wolf & Co., Worden, Illinois. No date 1 11 Business card of G. Cramer, 1001 South Fifth Street, St. Louis. No date 1 11 Business card of James F. Quisenberry, 3617 Jefferson, St. Louis. No date 1 11 Business card of Shallcross Printing and Stationery Company, 419 North 4th Street, St. Louis. No date 1 11 Ticket to Olive Studio, St. Louis. No date 1 11 Separation record No date 1 12