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Scope and Contents The Western Travel Collection is an artificial, or subject-based, collection comprising a variety of documents that have been placed in this collection over the years due to their common subject matter. The collection consists primarily of accounts of travel in the nineteenth-century American West, but also includes material relating to western travel in the eighteenth and twentieth centuries. The collection includes correspondence, newspaper clippings, and journals and diaries. Many items are typescript copies, rather than original documents. The collection is arranged chronologically. Arrangement The collection is arranged chronologically. Conditions Governing Access The collection is open for research use. Conditions Governing Use For permission to publish, quote from, or reproduce material in this collection, please contact the Archives Reference Desk at . Copyright restrictions may apply. The researcher assumes full responsibility for conforming to the laws of copyright. Physical and Technical Requirements There are no physical or technical restrictions. Preferred Citation Western Travel Collection, Missouri Historical Society Archives, St. Louis. California -- Gold discoveries Indians of North America Trails -- West (U.S.) Wagon trains -- West (U.S.) West (U.S.) -- Description and travel Typescript copy of journal of Captain Harry Gordon (8 pages), while ascending the Mississippi River from its junction with the Ohio River to St. Louis. Contains description of Kaskaskia, Fort Chartres, Cahokia, and St. Louis. Reproduced in Charles A. Hanna, The Wilderness Trail (1911), Volume II, pages 45-49. 1766 1 1 Typescript extracts from The Spanish Regime in Missouri , by Louis Houck, including the following (21 pages) (4 items): Letter of Baron de Carondelet to "His Excellency, the Prince of Peace" about the Trading and Exploring Company of the Missouri River, established in 1794. Proposes a plan involving Mackay to "prevent the English from the beginning from forming pretensions in regard to those domains of His Majesty." 1796 June 3 1 1 Mackay's journal of a voyage up the Missouri River, October 1795 to January 1796. Describes his time with the Othochita (Otoes) and Mahas. 1795 Oct-1796 Jan 1 1 Note of Baron de Carondelet to Don Zenon Trudeau, New Orleans. 1796 May 12 1 1 Trudeau's Report Concerning the Settlements of the Spanish Illinois Country. 1798 1 1 Typescript copy of obituary of Dr. John Hamilton Robinson from the Missouri Gazette and Public Advertiser , November 24, 1819, and brief sketch of his life from Frederic Billon's Annals of St. Louis in Its Territorial Days . (2 items) 1819 Nov 24 1 1 Typescript extracts from the Missouri Intelligencer regarding Santa Fe, Colonel Matthew Lyon, Indian hostilities, Comanche Indians, John McKnight, Union mission, and Osage mission. (7 pages) 1822-1824 1 1 Typescript copies of letters between Mrs. Cassandra Sawyer Lockwood, and Augusta L.F. Davis, secretary of the Society for Correspondence, Ipswich Female Seminary (Ipswich, Massachusetts). Mrs. Lockwood’s husband, Jesse Lockwood, was appointed missionary to the western Cherokees in 1833. Includes a description of her journey to the Cherokee country west of the Mississippi River, an account of Dwight Mission (Arkansas), where she spent two years, and a brief biographical sketch of Jesse Lockwood. Also includes calling card of Grant Foreman. (47 pages) (gift of Grant Foreman) 1833-1834 1 2 Typescript copy of Letters from Arkansas , written by Dr. George Engelmann and translated by Wislizenus. The two letters, one written from Plotts Farm and the other from Stacy's Farm, where Engelmann stayed on his way to Little Rock, include descriptions of the land, minerals, and vegetation and the families with whom he stayed. (30 pages) 1837 Mar 15-21 1 3 Typescript excerpts from the Missouri Republican , compiled by Albert Watkins, and published in the Publications of the Nebraska State Historical Society , volume 20 (1922). Includes excerpts related to smallpox among the Indians; Mormons; death of William Clark; Oregon; California; Utah; Forts Oregon, Kearny, and Laramie; and steamboats. (112 pages) 1838-1858 1 4 Letter signed R. Rowland [Richard Rowland], Jefferson City, to his sister Mary Ann Rowland, Kegworth, near Derby, England, giving impressions of the Americans, balls, church, steamboats, and farming (3 pages). Also includes typescript copy of letter (4 pages) and letter of presentation signed M.A.B. Linden, daughter of Richard Rowland, to Miss Drumm, [Missouri Historical Society], dated February 27, 1924. (5 pages) (3 items) 1840 Nov 25 1 5 Letter signed R. Rowland [Richard Rowland], St. Louis, to his sister Mary Ann Rowland, Kegworth, Leicestershire, England, describing his journey west to the mountains, traveling 15-25 miles a day on mules and horses (3 pages). Also includes typescript copy of letter (5 pages) and letter of presentation signed M.A.B. Linden, daughter of Richard Rowland, to Miss Drumm, [Missouri Historical Society], dated January 31, 1924. (6 pages) (3 items) 1844 Jan 9 1 5 Letter signed R. Rowland [Richard Rowland], St. Louis, to his sister Mary Ann Rowland, Kegworth, Leicestershire, England, regarding the death of their mother. (3 pages) 1844 Apr 12 1 5 Letter signed R. Rowland [Richard Rowland], New York, to his sister Mary Ann Rowland, Bristol, mostly dealing with his opinions on churches and preaching. (3 pages) 1846 Sept 30 1 5 Letter signed John C. Calhoun, Washington, to Fernando Kennett, about his son, John C. Calhoun, Jr., explaining that he went to St. Louis to join a company going to the Rocky Mountains and asking Kennett to aid his son while in St. Louis. Also includes engraved portrait of Calhoun. (2 items) 1846 Feb 21 1 5 Typescript copy of letter of Daniel Toole, Fort Hall, to his brother, dated August 2, 1846, and published in the Liberty Missouri Weekly Tribune , December 19, 1846. Describes his trip to Oregon, both the curious sights and hardships. Comments on the soda springs; Independence Rock; lakes of salaratus; rocky, mountainous, and sandy roads; scarcity of grass; and dust. Also advises others to select well-made cattle for the trip. (2 pages) 1846 Dec 19 1 5 Typescript copy of St. Louis Weekly Reveille article titled "Major Fitzpatrick, the Discoverer of the South Pass!" by Solitaire, which claims that Major [Thomas] Fitzpatrick, not General Ashley, led the first group of white men through the pass in 1824. (5 pages) 1847 Mar 1 1 5 Three letters signed G. Mark, dated St. Joseph, Blue River, and Sacramento City, to his wife, Philaura, Mt. Carroll, Carroll County, Illinois, which describe his overland journey to California during the Gold Rush. Letter dated September 16, 1849, describes drowning of two team members (John P. and William Y.) on the north fork of the Platte River. (3 items) (accession number 75-0002) 1849 May-Sept 1 5 Photocopy of letter signed H. Swearingen, Fort Laramie, to his son D. Swearingen, Maryville, Nodaway County, Missouri, describing his journey across the Platte River and into the Black Hills. Also includes comments on the size and load of the wagons. (3 pages) (accession number 71-0043) 1849 June 14 1 5 Letter signed Charles E. Lockwood, Sacramento City, to P.H. Buren and H.A. Honey, describing his trip across the plains to California, and the gold diggings and placers. (4 pages) (accession number 63-0042) 1849 Dec 7 1 5 Pencil and typescript copies of William Lampton's diary of a trip from Columbia, Missouri, to California. Also includes photocopy of map, with dates and places marked. (pencil copy, 30 pages; typescript copy, 31 pages) (3 items) 1850 1 6 Transcribed copy of letter of Dabney T. Carr, Platte River, near Chimney Rock, to his cousin G.C. Broadhead en route from Missouri to California. Also includes list of Indian words and their definitions, compiled by Carr, and letter signed G.C. Broadhead, Columbia, to Miss Head [Missouri Historical Society], October 13, 1908. (3 items) 1850 May 31 1 7 Diary of G.A. Smith describing his journey, day by day, from St. Joseph, Missouri, to Weaver, California (93 pages). Comments on weather, landscape, health of persons and animals, water and hunting conditions, and the distance traveled each day. Also includes typescript copy of diary. (18 pages) and postcard of monument to David Thompson. (3 items) 1852 Apr 15-July 16 1 8 Unsigned manuscript titled "A Western Journey—Chap. I," describing journey, under direction of the Emigrant Aid Society, from New York to Kansas City. Traveled by rail to St. Louis and then by steamboat. Mentions meeting Major Hoyt in St. Louis. (Note on back states that manuscript was written by John W. Dodge of Hampton Falls, New Hampshire.) (3 pages) 1856 Apr 1 9 Typescript copy of letter of C. Randall, E.W. Raymond, Robert Williams, and John W. Smith, Bordeau’s, 8 miles below Fort Laramie, to Capt. Todd, October 29, 1858, which contains their account of "the only practical route" from Fort Laramie to Fort Randall, with chart of dates and distances traveled (published in the Missouri Republican , January 31, 1859). Also includes typescript copy of letter of G.K. Warren, lieutenant, Topographical Engineers, Washington, D.C., to the editor of the Missouri Republican , April 12, 1859, defending the route he took to Laramie and pointing out the problems with the estimates made by Randall, Raymond, Williams, and Smith (published in the Missouri Republican , April 19, 1859). (5 pages) 1858-1859 1 9 Typescript copy of two letters of J.S. Baker, Omaha City, to his uncle George Baker, West Plattsburgh, New York, regarding his impending trip across the plains. 1859 Apr 20-24 1 9 Typescript copy of letter of T.L. Dickerson, Virginia City, Montana, to Helen M. Flood, Shelburn, Indiana, describing cold and snowy return from prospecting tour at Silver Bow. 1865 Mar 4 1 9 Typescript excerpts from the diary of William K. Thomas, July 29-August 12, [1866], describing weather, scenery, animals, Little and Big Horn Rivers, Clark’s Fort, and Thomas Spring. Original is at the Montana Historical Society, Helena. (4 pages) [1866] 1 9 Letter signed Ed (Edward W. Tittmann), Oakland, California, to his wife, Minna, describing his railroad trip west from Laramie to Berkeley. Includes descriptions of scenery and distances from St. Louis (to Green River, Evanston, Odgen, Elko, Humboldt, Colfax, and Sacramento), with elevations. Also includes undated letter from Tittmann’s granddaughter Mrs. Charles Harrison Greene to the Missouri Historical Society. (2 items) (gift of Mrs. Charles H. Green, Prescott, Arizona, April 4, 1957) 1876 Oct 1 1 9 Two typescript copies of articles from the St. Louis Republic titled "'Babe' Conners Has Passed Away" and "Babe Conners Buried" about the life and funeral of Sarah B. Conners, a well-known mulatto proprietress of a St. Louis dance hall. (6 pages) 1899 Aug 5-7 1 9 Typescript copy of paper titled "The Progress of Discovery of the Mississippi River—1498-1700," read at a meeting of the historical societies of the states comprising the Louisiana Purchase, at the exposition in St. Louis. Paper was written by Warren Upham, secretary of the Minnesota Historical Society, and highlights the contributions made by Vespucci, Pineda, Narvaez, DeSoto, Groseilliers and Radisson, Joliet and Marquette, Hennepin and Du Luth, La Salle, and Le Sueur. (34 pages) 1904 Sept 16 1 10 Handwritten copy of an inscription about Robert Cavelier De La Salle, written in French and copied by Henry H. Denison from a tablet "in one of the many chapels in the Cathedral of Rouen." 1910 1 11 Correspondence between H.R. Wagner, Santiago, Chile, and Berkeley, California, and Stella M. Drumm, Missouri Historical Society, regarding unpublished personal narratives and journals related to western travel. (8 items) 1917 1 11 Copy of typescript letter of Emanuel Ethelbert Downham, Alexandria, Virginia, to Whitelaw Saunders, Wamego, Kansas (11 pages). Contains his reminiscence about a trip from Philadelphia to Peoria, Illinois, by train, then overland to Denver, then returning to St. Louis. Includes descriptions of Pekin, Illinois; encounters with Indians en route to Denver; buffaloes; prospecting for gold at Golden and Russell's Gulch, Colorado; trip down the Platte River to Fort Kearney; and a boarding house in St. Louis. Also includes letter signed Le Roy Barnett, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan, to Mrs. Fred Harrington, librarian, Missouri Historical Society, regarding the donation of the Downham letter. (2 items) (accession number 71-0030) 1921 Jan 24 1 11 Printed announcement of lecture titled "The Man of Illinois," to be given by the Hon. J. Nick Perrin, Belleville, Illinois; brochure regarding dedicatory services for the discovery of Illinois at Perrin's Ledge that were held October 11, 1925; and printed announcement of dedication of monument at Perrin's Ledge, Kampsville, Calhoun County, Illinois, May 30, 1926. Each item includes an image of Marquette, Joliet, and five companions at Perrin's Ledge in 1673. (3 items) 1925-1926 1 11 Correspondence of the Missouri Historical Society with numerous individuals regarding donations or purchases of documents and artifacts relating to western travel and reference questions regarding the same. (16 items) 1925-1935 1 11 Typescript account titled "Memoranda of Visit to John M. Walker, Walnut Creek, Contra Costa County, California," by Francis P. Farquhar and Charles L. Camp. Includes history of the Walker family and notes taken from Walker family gravestones at the Alhambra Cemetery at Martinez, California. (2 pages) (gift of Francis P. Farquhar and Charles L. Camp) 1925 Feb 15 1 12 St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper clipping titled "Across Continent by Water," about the first motorboat trip across the country. The crew comprised Val Woodbury, John E. Hoag, and Frank S. Wilton. 1925 Aug 16 1 12 Typescript biographical sketch of noted frontiersman, Dick Parr, by his wife Louis L. Parr, published in the Annals of Wyoming , volume 9, number 1 (July 1932). (3 pages) 1932 May 27 1 12 St. Louis Globe-Democrat newspaper clipping titled "Pioneer Tells of Early Life in Wild West," about William H. Jackson. 1938 Aug 3 1 12 Typescript letter signed Goldie E. Cornett, Garden Grove, California, to the Missouri Historical Society requesting information about her grandparents Ambrose Taylor and Julie Nicholas Taylor, who left Arkansas in 1857 and traveled by covered wagon to California. 1938 Oct 20 1 12 Flight schedule of Western Airlines, effective July 1, 1956. (accession number 95-0051) 1956 1 12 Souvenir envelope with special stamps commemorating Buffalo Stage Centennial. Also includes printed lyrics to song titled "Old Buffalo Trail," by Rolland Cox. 1958 Jan 10 1 12 Typescript copy of letter of Otis Marston regarding dates on the entry of James White and Major John W. Powell into the Grand Canyon. (2 pages) 1961 July 11 1 12 The Record-Republican (Bonaparte, Iowa) newspaper clipping titled "Mrs. Fannie Cramer Has Original Letter Written by Grandfather." Article includes complete copy of letter of Bartley DeHart to Eli DeHart, 1851, about his wagon train trip from Salt Lake City to California. 1961 July 27 1 12 Kingston Galleries, Inc., Catalog No. 6, "Autograph Letters Manuscripts–Documents." Contains description and partial reproduction of three letters of D.B. Crist to his cousin, which describe his overland journey from Missouri to California. (10 pages) 1963 1 12 Copies of three polaroid photographs of rock inscriptions (Louis Robidoux, Antoine Leroux, F.R.B. Chalifou) in Willow Creek drainage, Tavaputs area, Utah. Also includes reproduction of map. (4 items) (accession number 69-0017) 1968 Sept-Oct 1 12 Photograph of the Louis Robidoux inscription in the Willow Creek drainage, Tavaputs area, Utah, September 22, 1968 Photograph of the A. Leroux [Antoine Leroux] inscription in the Willow Creek drainage, Tavaputs area, Utah, October 6, 1968 Photograph of the Guan Valdez [Juan Valdez], F.R.B., and B. Chalifou inscriptions in the Willow Creek drainage, Tavaputs area, Utah, October 6, 1968 Map of a portion of Utah highlighting the Tavaputs area, no date Mimeograph copy of extracts from a book being prepared by a descendant of Don Diego Dionisio de Penaloza [Penalosa] regarding LaSalle's last voyage and his connection with Penaloza. Includes a biographical sketch of Penaloza and his proposal to the French government, dated January 18, 1682, regarding the establishment of a new colony in Florida at the mouth of the river Rio Bravo and the conquest of New Biscay. Also includes Penaloza's account of the "Relation of the Discovery of the Country and City of Quivera..."; an "Account of a Previous Expedition by the Maestro de Campo Vicente de Saldivar"; and notes about an "Auto de la Fe celebration at Santa Domingo, February 1668." (39 pages) No date 1 13 Newspaper clipping with photographs of Gutzon Borglum's "The Point of the Herd" sculpture and an oil portrait of E.M. Clendening. No date 1 14 Photostat copy of two pages of Castenada's narrative of Coronado's expedition. (in Spanish) No date 1 14 Six pages from manuscript catalog describing items for sale, including letters of Joseph Nicholas Nicollet, John James Abert, and John Charles Fremont. No date 1 14 Envelope of the Missouri Senate chamber. No date 1 14