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A1749 Williams, Henry W. Collection Inventory of Henry W. Williams Collection A1749 EAD by Jaime Bourassa using ArchivesSpace Missouri Historical Society Library and Research Center 2017 225 S. Skinker Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63105 URL: This finding aid was produced using ArchivesSpace on 2018-09-27 06:38:47 -0500 . English Describing Archives: A Content Standard English Missouri Historical Society Library and Research Center Henry W. Williams Collection Williams, Henry W., 1816-1892 A1749 1.5 Cubic Feet (2 boxes; 8 volumes) 1835-1953 1848-1890 Processing Information Processed by Molly Kodner, March 1999. Donor Information Henry W. Williams' library and manuscript collection was acquired in 1890 by August H. Gehner, who passed it on to his daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mesker, from whom it was donated to the Missouri Historical Society in 1952. The collection was formerly known as the Frank Mesker Collection. Biographical Sketch Born in 1816 in Williamsburg, Massachusetts, Henry W. Williams moved to St. Louis in 1844, where he worked as a lawyer, specializing in the examination of land titles. During the Civil War, he joined the Confederate forces under General Sterling Price and served as acting assistant quartermaster general of Missouri. After the war, he continued his law practice and worked as the recorder of voters for the city of St. Louis. Throughout his life he collected manuscripts, newspapers, and magazines regarding history, religion, literature, etc. He died September 27, 1892, in St. Louis. Scope and Contents This collection consists of papers both belonging to, and collected by, Henry W. Williams, including his correspondence and scrapbooks, various items from the Civil War, and papers regarding steamboats and financial markets. Arrangement The collection is divided into the following six series: Correspondence and Papers of Henry W. Williams Series, Civil War Series, Steamboats Series, Currency and Financial Markets Series, Poetry Series , and Miscellaneous Series . The papers within each series are arranged chronologically. Conditions Governing Access The collection is open for research use. Conditions Governing Use For permission to publish, quote from, or reproduce material in this collection, please contact the Archives Reference Desk at . Copyright restrictions may apply. The researcher assumes full responsibility for comforming to the laws of copyright. Physical and Technical Requirements There are no physical or technical restrictions. Preferred Citation Henry W. Williams Collection, Missouri Historical Society Archives, St. Louis. Alabama -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 Arkansas -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 Elections -- Missouri -- Saint Louis Indians of North America -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 Louisiana -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 Mississippi -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 Missouri -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 Poetry Steamboats Tennessee -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 Texas -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 Voting -- Missouri -- Saint Louis Confederate States of America. Army Correspondence and Papers of Henry W. Williams Series Letterbook of Williams with personal and business correspondence including letters to his wife and letters regarding his work with land deeds. Also includes a report of the business of Leslie, Williams, and Barrett and a complete index of letter writers. (450 pages) 1848 Nov 14-1854 Aug 15 Volume 1 Two letters signed Francis, Hyde Park, to her brother Henry Williams, and one letter signed William[?] Williams, Hyde Park, to his son Henry, St. Louis. (10 pages) 1849 Aug 10-1849 Sept 17 1 1 Letter signed James Dacret[?], Drennon Springs, Kentucky, to Williams. (4 pages) 1852 Oct 24 1 2 Accounts of J.R. Barrett with Leslie and Barrett. (2 pages) 1853 1 3 Original manuscript of No. 5 of the “Major Jack Downing Letters” written for the St. Louis Intelligencer , collected by Henry Williams, with Williams’ note of explanation. Also includes a newsclipping of a letter from Williams to the County Court in favor of the Iron Mountain Railroad. (14 pages) 1854 Sept 26 1 4 Scrapbook of newsclippings regarding local and national politics, society, and economic conditions, including some items written by Henry Williams. Contains several of the Major Jack Downing letters (pages 19-22). Also contains some correspondence. (100 pages) 1855-1886 Volume 2 Letter signed L.M. Kennett, Washington, D.C., to Henry Williams, St. Louis, regarding his plans to run for office. (3 pages) 1856 June 29 1 5 Letter signed R.W. Thompson, Terre Haute, Indiana, to Henry Williams, St. Louis. (1 page) 1856 Oct 10 1 6 Letter [of Henry Williams?], St. Louis, to Col. Thomas Gantt, regarding his arrest and imprisonment during the war and problems upon his release. (2 pages) 1869 Sept 11 1 7 Notes of Henry Williams regarding Collet's mistakes. (1 page) 187- 1 8 Two letters signed J.W. Thynne[?], St. Louis, to Henry Williams, St. Louis, regarding affairs of the Caledonian Society. Also includes undated, unsigned speech given to the Caledonian Society. (5 pages) 1872 Nov 21-29 1 9 Letter signed J.W. Bouton, New York, to Henry Williams, St. Louis, offers to sell him papers relating to Napoleon. (1 page) 1876 Apr 8 1 10 Correspondence between Henry Williams, St. Louis, and Enoch Hensley, Memphis, Tennessee. (3 pages) 1876 June 8-12 1 11 Letter signed Henry Williams, St. Louis, to chairman of the Democratic meeting called to nominate a candidate for school, declines invitation to attend meeting and provides his opinion on the matter. (4 pages) 1876 Aug 18 1 12 Notes of Henry Williams regarding voting of Charles Asinger. (1 page) 188- 1 13 Letter of James L. Blair, St. Louis, to Henry Williams, St. Louis, regarding protection for people who are to deliver ballot boxes. (1 page) 188- Nov 5 1 14 Two letters signed Henry Williams, St. Louis, regarding changes and improvements to street railway routes. (8 pages) 1883 Aug 28-30 1 15 Letter signed Henry Williams, St. Louis, to Funk & Wagnalls, New York, thanks them for sending the books he requested. (1 page) 1884 Aug 22 1 16 Correspondence between Henry J. Gleason, Cleveland, Ohio, and Henry Williams, St. Louis, regarding election laws for St. Louis and Williams' job as recorder of voters. (5 pages) 1887 Nov 30-Dec 7 1 17 Letter signed Henry Williams, St. Louis, regarding preparations for election on February 28th. (1 page) 1888 Jan 10 1 18 Receipt signed John S. Parrish for money received from Henry Williams as payment for writing brief. (1 page) 1888 May 2 1 19 Letter of Paul H. Bierman, John W. O'Connell, and M.W. Manning[?], St. Louis, to Board of Revision, St. Louis, regarding their research into abuses in registering voters. Henry Williams' response to these accusations is attached. (5 pages) 1888 Oct 20 1 20 Official documents regarding Henry Williams' work as recorder of voters. (2 pages) 1888 Nov 2 1 21 Letter signed Henry Williams, St. Louis, to Board of Police Commissioners, St. Louis, regarding protection at polling places. (1 page) 1888 Nov 3 1 22 Letter signed Henry Williams, St. Louis, to the editor of the St. Louis Globe-Democrat regarding the election of judges. (1 page) 1888 Nov 4 1 23 Various documents to and from Henry Williams pertaining to candidates not qualified to hold office including: George A. Hoose, William J. Nolan, John McGarr, Owen Miller, Frederick Swain, Adolph Madera, Francis K. Rotermann, and John B. Dempsey. (17 pages) 1888 Nov 9-16 1 24 Written index to charter amendment election. (1 page) 1888 Nov 13 1 25 Correspondence between Henry Williams, St. Louis, and the editor of The Voice , New York, regarding returns for the presidential vote by wards for St. Louis. Includes an abstract of the presidential vote in St. Louis. (4 pages) 1888 Nov 19-1889 Feb 14 1 26 Letter signed Henry Williams, St. Louis, to Mayor George W. Allen, St. Louis, regarding special election. (1 page) 1889 Jan 9 1 27 Printed list of members of the Board of Revision. (1 page) 1889 Mar 1 28 Letter signed James S. Clark, St. Louis, to Henry Williams, St. Louis, agrees to act as clerk at elections. (1 page) 1889 Mar 12 1 29 Letter of T.P. Bashaw, St. Louis, to Charles Speck, St. Louis, regarding fraudulent lists of registered voters. (2 pages) 1889 Mar 14 1 30 Letter signed Edward Thome[?], Waco, Texas, to Henry Williams, St. Louis, regarding request to act as judge of elections. (1 page) 1889 Mar 17 1 31 Letter signed Anthony Ittner, St. Louis, to Henry Williams, St. Louis, endorses his administration. (1 page) 1889 Mar 17 1 32 Letter signed Edward Branch Cowan, St. Louis, to Henry Williams, St. Louis, regarding precinct canvassers of the 11th ward. (2 pages) 1889 Mar 26 1 33 Letter signed Henry Williams, St. Louis, to the Board of Police Commissioners of the City of St. Louis, regarding distribution of ballot boxes. (1 page) 1889 Mar 30 1 34 Letter signed Henry Williams, St. Louis, to Mayor George W. Allen, St. Louis, regarding municipal election in 21st ward. (1 page) 1889 Apr 5 1 35 Two documents signed Henry Williams, St. Louis, blank draft of certificate of election as a member of council and draft of certificate to William H. Ryan for election as member of the House of Delegates of St. Louis. Includes newsclipping regarding the members of the House of Delegates and the election in the 21st ward. (2 pages) 1889 Apr 5 1 36 Letter signed Williams, St. Louis, to Alexander E. Leseuer, Jefferson City, regarding abstract of votes. (1 page) 1889 Apr 6 1 37 Two letters signed Henry Williams, St. Louis, to Daniel O'Connell Tracy, St. Louis, regarding certificates of election. (2 pages) 1889 Apr 6-8 1 38 Two letters signed Henry Williams, St. Louis, to E.A. Noonan, mayor-elect of St. Louis, regarding his election as mayor with official count in election and delivery of ballot boxes. (2 pages) 1889 Apr 6-June 4 1 39 Letter signed Henry Williams, St. Louis, to Anton Huebler, St. Louis, regarding delivery of ballot boxes. Typed copy of letter also included. (2 pages) 1889 Apr 9 1 40 Letter signed Henry Williams, St. Louis, to Joseph A. Wherry, St. Louis, regarding certificate of election for Emile Thomas. (1 page) 1889 Apr 29 1 41 Letter signed Henry Williams, St. Louis, to judges who have not been sworn, orders them to report to his office immediately. (1 page) 1889 June 4 1 42 Registration of voters, city of St. Louis, by ward and precincts. (5 pages) 1890 Mar 28 1 43 Document signed Henry Williams, St. Louis, certificate of commission as part of the special municipal election. (1 page) 1890 May 1 44 Letter signed E. Brooks to Williams. (1 page) No year Dec 17 1 45 List of the members of the House of Delegates and list of people in Precinct 12, Ward 3, with names and addresses. (2 pages) No date 1 46 Lists and catalogs for manuscripts, periodicals, and pamphlets in Henry Williams' personal collection covering topics including history, railroads, currency and economy, and history. (285 pages) No date 1 47-56 Civil War Series Manuscript book of rosters of officers of various Confederate regiments of the following brigades: Hebert's Brigade with the 3rd Louisiana, and 7th, 36th, 37th, and 38th Mississippi Infantry regiments; Moore's Brigade with the 35th, 40th, and 43rd Mississippi, 37th and 42nd Alabama, and 2nd Texas regiments; Whitfield's Brigade with the 1st, 3rd, 6th and 9th Texas Cavalry. Includes name, position, date of enlistment, etc. (81 pages) 1861-1862 2 1 Letter signed J.J. Crittenden, Senate, to Wm. H. Timberlake, mentions petition presented to the Senate by Crittenden. (1 page) 1861 Feb 9 2 2 Letterbook of Daniel M. Frost, contains letters written while stationed at Memphis, Tennessee, and Arkansas to various Confederate officers with instructions and reports concerning movements of the Confederate army. (14 pages) 1861 Dec 18-1862 Apr 2 2 3 Order book of General Orders of Governor Jackson and Daniel M. Frost, primarily in Arkansas, regarding affairs of the Confederate army including: the officers to serve under Frost; the daily schedule in permanent camps; the court martial of Thomas Delaney and William Bamberg with an extensive list of their crimes and punishments; inspections by quartermasters; extensive instructions to prepare for a march from Cove Creek, Arkansas, to Fayetteville, Arkansas; and rules for the newly established Camp McCullough. (30 pages) 1861 Dec 18-1862 Apr 9 2 4 Letterbook of Williams regarding his work as quartermaster for the 9th Military District of Missouri at Jacksonport, Arkansas. (57 pages) 1862 Jan 6-Feb 29 Volume 3 Letter signed Sterling Price, Springfield, [Missouri?], to Earl Van Dorn regarding movement of Union troops toward Springfield and what he needs to defeat them in an attack. (4 pages) 1862 Feb 9 2 5 Letter signed Sterling Price, Cross Hollows, Arkansas, to Earl Van Dorn, regarding his retreat to this place and the present state of the enemy. (3 pages) 1862 Feb 19 2 6 Broadside of Order No. 4 of W[illiam] L. Cabell, Jacksonport, Arkansas, states that anyone going up the White and Black Rivers to Missouri must obtain a passport from the provost marshal, Col. H.W. Williams. Also includes letter from George S. Hoke, St. Louis, to Frank Mesker, dated July 19, 1906. (2 pages) 1862 Mar 3 2 7 Letter signed Albert Pike, Cherokee Nation, to Earl Van Dorn, regarding the affairs of the Indian troops under his command and his efforts to get supplies for them. (4 pages) 1862 Mar 15 2 8 Special Order of Albert Pike, Dwight Mission, Cherokee Nation, regarding atrocities committed by the Indian troops against the enemy. (2 pages) 1862 Mar 15 2 9 Letter signed Albert Pike, Indian Territory, to Major General Van Dorn, regarding an order he disagrees with. (1 page) 1862 Mar 21 2 10 Unsigned letter, Pocahontas, Arkansas, regarding placement of pickets in the area to repel expected movement by the enemy and attempts to recruit enough troops. (4 pages) 1862 Mar 28 2 11 Letter signed John S. McCarver, Pocahontas, Arkansas, to general regarding military movements in northeastern Arkansas. (2 pages) 1862 Apr 5 2 12 Letter signed W[illiam] L. Cabell, Jacksonport, Mississippi, to Van Dorn, reports on movement of Confederate troops to Jacksonport and then down White River. (3 pages) 1862 Apr 6 2 13 Document signed James M. Loughborough and S. Price, Camp McIntosh, Mississsippi. Morning report for the First Division of the Army of the West provides number of men for duty present and number of men absent. (1 page) 1862 May 2 2 14 Letter signed James M. Loughborough, Corinth, Mississippi, to D.H. Maury, reports on the organization of the 3rd Brigade, M.E. Green commanding. (1 page) 1862 May 10 2 15 Weekly report of men in the Army of the West, commanded by Van Dorn, present for duty at Camp Churchill Clarke and absent on sick leave, special duty, etc. (1 page) 1862 May 19 2 16 Paymaster account book of Henry Williams in account with the treasurer of the Confederate States. (210 pages) 1862 July 1-1864 Feb 27 Volume 4 Military organization of the Trans-Mississippi Department commanded by E. Kirby Smith. (10 pages) 1863-1864 2 17 General Order No. 55 of E. Kirby Smith, Shreveport, Louisiana, orders a modification to General Order No. 12 regarding applicants for appointment in the medical staff. (1 page) 1863 Nov 14 2 18 Printed instructions regarding returns to the Pay Department by command of E. Kirby Smith. (1 page) 1864 Nov 9 2 19 Letter signed Major General John George Walker, Houston, Texas, to Major General J.H. Forney, regarding clothes collected by Mrs. Walker for Forney's division. (2 pages) 1865 Apr 13 2 20 Newsclipping from The Galveston Daily News with speech of General Joseph O. Shelby. Includes both the original and a copy. (1 page) 1865 May 13 2 21 Scrapbook of contemporary newsclippings regarding Union regiments. (90 pages) No date 2 22 Steamboats Series Manuscript entitled “Steamboats on Western Waters,” provides list of steamboats built on the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. List includes the name of the boat, where and when it was built, and how it was destroyed. (70 pages) [1852] 2 23 Notes regarding steamboats that had problems with their boilers with an introduction on how the list was compiled. (3 pages) No date 2 24 Various small lists of steamboats. (3 pages) No date 2 25 Lists of steamboats destroyed by snags and other obstructions, fire, collisions, and explosions on the western waters. (31 pages) No date 2 26 Currency and Financial Markets Series Printed charts showing the variations in the prices of commodities in the New Orleans market. (1 page) 1867-1868 2 27 Pamphlet, printed in New York, entitled “How to Make the Country Prosperous, and Give Employment to Labor.” (4 pages) 1874 Dec 2 28 Front page of the Philadelphia Inquirer includes article on currency contraction. (1 page) 1875 May 24 2 29 Four printed reports from the Office of the Mercantile Agency regarding economic failures. (13 pages) 1876 Apr 14-1877 July 13 2 30 Four copies of pamphlet, printed in New York, entitled “Views of George W. Dean on the Cause of the Depressed State of Business, and the Remedy Therefore.” (16 pages) 1877 2 31 Newsclipping from The Republican , St. Louis, on the St. Louis Money Market. (1 page) 1877 Oct 8 2 32 Poetry Series Poem entitled “Creeds; the False, and the True.” (3 pages) 1882 Sept 24 2 33 Two copybooks of poetry. (235 pages) No date Volume 5-6 Miscellaneous Series St. Louis Commons Claims Book with Abstract of Proceedings, Resolutions, Ordinances, Reports, and Compromises in relation to St. Louis Common. (55 pages) 1835 Apr 20-1838 May 18 Volume 7 Minute book of Yorktown Council No. 11 (St. Louis) of the American Party (or “Know-Nothings”). (120 pages) 1854 Aug 26-1856 Dec 26 Volume 8 Invitation to a banquet at the Southern Hotel on July 13 in honor of Henry T. Blow. Also includes newsclippings regarding the reelection of Senator Carl Schurz. (2 pages) 1869 July 8 2 34 Printed list of men who opposed the nomination of Governor Tilden in the state of New York. (1 page) 1876 2 35 Notes for the conclusion of the biographical notice of John Hogan for publication in the U.S. Biographical Dictionary and Portrait Gallery . (2 pages) 1877 Nov 11 2 36 Annual statement of the condition of the Union Casualty and Surety Company. 1895 Dec 31 2 37 Check to Title Guaranty Trust Co. from Mesker and Bro. 1904 Feb 5 2 38 Biographical sketch and other biographical information on Frank Mesker and August Gehner; copy of article from the Post-Dispatch dated March 27, 1953, describes household records found in the old apartment of Bernard T. and Frank Mesker; information on Mesker family; article in memoriam of Frank Mesker from Missouri Historical Society Bulletin of 1953; biographical sketch form filled out by Frank Mesker for the Missouri Historical Society. (10 pages) No date 2 39 Newsclipping regarding Carondelet; contains mention of Henry Williams. (1 page) No date 2 40 Letter to an editor titled “The Korta Affair,” regarding article from the paper. (2 pages) No date 2 41 Letter to the editor of the Democrat regarding article on Kennett. (2 pages) No date 2 42