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A1477 Saugrain-Michau Family Papers Inventory of Saugrain-Michau Family Papers A1477 EAD by Jaime Bourassa using ArchivesSpace Missouri Historical Society Library and Research Center 2017 225 S. Skinker Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63105 URL: This finding aid was produced using ArchivesSpace on 2018-09-27 06:32:00 -0500 . English Describing Archives: A Content Standard English Missouri Historical Society Library and Research Center Saugrain-Michau Family Papers A1477 1.0 Cubic Feet (2 boxes; 1 volume; 1 oversize folder) 1776-1921 Most of the early letters and documents are in French but translations are included with many of the items. Processing Information Processed by Christopher Gordon, October 2003. Donor Information The Saugrain-Michau Family Papers were received through the donations of William G. Pettus in 1967 and 1968. Biographical Sketch Dr. Antoine Saugrain was born February 17, 1763, in Versailles, France. He was the son of Claude Marin Saugrain, a bookseller and publisher. Antoine was educated in Paris and studied the natural sciences. In 1783, Saugrain was appointed by King Charles II of Spain to survey the mineral resources of Central and South America. In 1786, he was sent to study the natural history of the Ohio Valley. During this expedition, Saugrain was briefly captured by Indians, but managed to escape and return to Philadelphia. For his scientific work, Saugrain received a Nina Madallion from Benjamin Franklin. Saugrain made a brief return to Paris before returning to America to assist in the establishment of a colony in Ohio. He lived among the colonists at Gallipolis, Ohio, before moving to Lexington, Kentucky. Saugrain studied the inoculation process and became well known for inoculating patients against diseases such as smallpox. He performed physical and chemical experiments including the use of electric batteries. In 1799, Saugrain was persuaded by the Spanish governor of Louisiana to settle in St. Louis and begin practice. After the transfer of the Louisiana Territory to the United States in 1804, he was appointed to serve as the surgeon at Fort Bellefontaine, north of St. Louis. He is regarded as the first scientist and physician of the Mississippi Valley. Dr. Saugrain died in 1820. John Waddell was born in 1836, and married Rosalie Saugrain, daughter of Dr. Antoine Saugrain. Waddell was an assistant engineer for the North Missouri Railroad before enlisting in the Confederate army in 1861. He was commissioned as a brigade commissary major on November 1, 1862, and served under Brigadier General Daniel M. Frost before being transferred to Marmaduke's Brigade of the Missouri Cavalry. He was captured on the Little Osage River in western Missouri during Sterling Price's raid in 1864. Waddell was held prisoner at Johnson's Island Prison Camp on Lake Erie until he was transferred to a prison in New Orleans in 1865. He was released in the same year. He died April 20, 1922, in Sedalia, Missouri. Scope and Contents The collection consists of correspondence, diaries, invitations, circulars, news clips, manuscripts, Saugrain family baptismal records, land surveys, deeds, obituaries, genealogical information, and the Civil War papers of John Waddell, son-in-law of Dr. Saugrain. Saugrain's letters include information on his 1788 expedition through the Ohio Valley, financed by the Count of Galvey, Viceroy of Mexico, with detailed accounts of his escape from an Indian attack along the river. Saugrain's diary, along with a translation, also describes the expedition and Indian attack. There are a number of letters (Box 1/Folder 2) written to Dr. Saugrain from his mother in Paris that tell of post-revolutionary events in France including news of Napoleon's return from Egypt. The letters also express Mother Saugrain's concern over the health of Antoine's children and family news. There are several letters (Box 1/Folders 2-5) written by Madame Guillotine, with whom Dr. Saugrain's family was acquainted. The collection contains the marriage certificate of Antoine Saugrain and Genevieve Michau and the commission appointing Antoine Saugrain as surgeon's mate at Fort Bellefontaine. There are land documents relating to Saugrain family property and land claims. A folder of baptismal records of members of the Saugrain family is arranged separately and is located in Box 2. The papers of John Waddell, husband of Rosalie Saugrain, contain his parole and loyalty oath administered after his release from a Union prison camp at the end of the Civil War; a business card–sized sketch of Johnson's Island Prison in Sandusky, Ohio; an ex-Confederate soldier's pension application; and correspondence with family, circa 1925 (Box 2/Folder 4). The remainder of the collection consists of genealogical information on the Saugrain-Michau families along with an obituary and biographical sketch of the life of Henry Von Puhl, son-in-law of Dr. Saugrain. Addition information on the family of Henry Von Puhl can be found in the Von Puhl Family Papers. Arrangement The collection is arranged in chronological order. Digital Copies The Saugrain-Michau Family Papers were partially digitized by Lisa Helker, January-May 2011. The images may be viewed online by clicking the links beside each item in the inventory. Conditions Governing Access The collection is open for research use. Conditions Governing Use For permission to publish, quote from, or reproduce material in this collection, please contact the Archives Reference Desk at . Copyright restrictions may apply. The researcher assumes full responsibility for conforming to the laws of copyright. Physical and Technical Requirements There are no physical or technical restrictions. Preferred Citation Saugrain-Michau Family Papers, Missouri Historical Society Archives, St. Louis. Other Resources Further information on Antoine Saugrain can be found in an article by Dr. N.P. Dandridge, M.D., entitled "Antoine Francois Saugrain, the First Scientist of the Mississippi Valley," published in Ohio History, The Scholarly Journal of the Ohio Historical Society , Volume 15, 1906. Baptismal records France -- History -- Revolution, 1789-1799 French Americans -- Missouri -- Saint Louis Michau family -- Genealogy Physicians -- Missouri -- Saint Louis Saugrain family -- Genealogy United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 Saugrain-Michau family Saugrain de Vigni, Antoine François, 1763-1820 Waddell, John, 1836-1922 Papers. 1776-1799 1 1 Papers concerning rental of horse, payment of which was to be made in venison or bear meat, March 22, 1792 Deed for land in Marietta, Washington Co. [Ohio], December 26, 1796 Receipt, in part payment, for a cow, August 17, 1797 Note to Hugh McIlvain for 22 pounds from C. Carr, April 26, 1799 Papers. 1800-1806 1 2 Letter to Mr. Michau from his sister, Madame Gavet, March 5, 1802 Papers. 1807-1816 1 3 Third issue of the Missouri Gazette , the first Missouri newspaper, July 26, 1808 Letter from Jas. House to Maj. Bruff about medical attention given to families and servants, October 22, 1808 A command to the Sheriff of St. Louis from Thos. Riddick, November 11, 1808 Promissory note in the amount of $60.82 1/2 to John Michau, Jr. from John Robinson, April 27, 1811 Certified copy of deed for land situated in the city of St. Louis, December 5, 1812 Printed circular marked "Confidential" regarding the position of America on the question of Mexico, September 18, 1813 Letterbook. 1817-1828 1 4 Papers. 1817-1824 1 5 Court document of Sheriff Brown concerning James Grigg and Fremon Delaunier, August 8, 1819 Letter from Michau to his nieces, July 10, 1824 Letter from Uncle Gavet to Rosalie, July 18, 1824 Papers. 1825-1837 1 6 Copy of claim on blocks number 47 and 48 made by representatives of Francis Taylor, May 10, 1825 Original concession to Francois Taylor in 1797, final to Mary J. Provenchere in 1826 Deed for land sold to Eugene Bienvenu Delisle by Madame Provenchere, April 7, 1826 Letter from Alexandre Chevalier, August 12, 1828 Copy of the last will and testament of P. Provenchere, January 25, 1831 Deed for property in St. Louis belonging to Charles Barsalou and Peter A. Letour and his wife Mary, March 12, 1831 Scale and survey of land between 2nd and 3rd Streets and Convent and Bazel Streets, March 17, 1831 Deed of Amelia Marquerite Merat to Jerome Keating, April 27, 1831 Receipt to heirs of Mr. Michau for $5 for letter of attorney, certificate, postage, and fee of Secretary of State, May 25, 1831 Letter from Uncle Gavet to Rosalie, April 25, 1832 Power of attorney to Rosalie from her Uncle Gavet, April 25, 1832 Deed between Pierre A. and Mary Latour and Henry Von Phul, May 22, 1832 Deed between Gustavus A. and Hannah Bird and Henry Von Phul, May 22, 1832 Receipt for $12.50 to John A. Michau for 500 feet of pine, September 2, 1833 Papers. 1838-1849 1 7 Collection of documents for the perpetuate testimony on behalf of Mary Frances Robinson, November 28, 1846 Documents of deposition of Antoine Smith in case involving Mary Frances Robinson, December 1, 1846 Papers. 1850-1862 1 8 Document concerning property that belonged to Peter Provenchere, October 26, 1850 Letters and documents concerning land belonging to Peter Provenchere, December 3, 1850 Documents concerning land that belonged to Peter Provenchere, February 1851 Letter from Mary Provenchere to Justin Butterfield, June 16, 1851 Petition of Mary Provenchere praying for confirmation of land taken away from family by government to be restored to Northern part of block 48 in St. Louis Mo., November 30, 1851 Deed for land sold for $1,900.50 in St. Louis County from R.T. Hughes and wife Elizabeth L. to Reuben Musick, James Bissell, and Marcellin St. Vrain, July 22, 1853 Confirmation Certificate 124 and 125 of Francis Taylor's legal representatives confirmed in their claim to a lot in St. Louis, October 1, 1856 Letter to Henry Sege[?] from unknown author, December 11, 1857 Papers. 1866-1891 2 1 Reminiscence of Peter Provenchere written by Elizabeth Montgomery, December 1872 Papers. No date 2 2 Appointment of John Michau as Justice in Galliopolis, no date Catalogue of plants, flowers, and shrubs imported by M. Ronna and Co., members of the Horticulture Society of Paris and Lyon, no date Epigraph, no date Incomplete receipt of David Robinson to Mr. Jacquemin for sum of five pounds New York currency, no date Letter, no date Letter from Gavet, October 2, unknown year Locations in north, west, east, and south, no date Madrigal, no date Prayer, no date Scientific notes in French, no date Baptismal records. 1782-1832 2 3 Baptism record for child of Jean Michau and Jeanne Genevieve Rosalie Chevalier, Genevieve Rosalie, July 24, 1776 Baptism record for child of Jean Michau and Jeanne Genevieve Rosalie Chevalier, Jean Alexandre, July 6, 1781 Baptism record for child of Jean Michau and Jeanne Genevieve Rosalie Chevalier, July 1783 Baptism record for child of Jean Michau and Jeanne Genevieve Rosalie Chevalier, no date Gallipolis, Ohio baptism record, no date Paris baptism record, September, unknown year Paris baptism record for Jeanne Genevieve Rosalie Chevalier, March, unknown year John Waddell papers. 1856-1921 2 4 Letter to John Waddell about bill of $30, January 5, 1856 Letter to John Waddell from the war department, November 1, 1862 Special orders concerning John Waddell, April 2, 1864 Special orders No. 226, August 13, 1864 Special Orders 97 about Special Orders 226, August 15, 1864 Statement made by officers made prisoners, including John Waddell, October 1864 Letter to a military prison, January 17, 1865 Letter to John Waddell while prisoner of war in Johnson's Island, February 6, 1865 Parole of John Waddell, June 7, 1865 Loyalty oath of John Waddell, June 14, 1865 John Waddell's pension for ex-Confederate Soldiers, June 21, 1921 Letter from two cousins to John Waddell, April 28, unknown year List of places visited by John Waddell during Civil War, no date Picture of Johnson's Island, no date Saugrain-Michau family genealogy. No date 2 5 Encyclopedia extract about Guillaume Francois de Bure, 1810 Dictionary bibliography about Claude Saugrain, 1811 Encyclopedia extract about Claude Marin Saugrain, 1811 Encyclopedia extract about Henri Didot, 1903 Extract from the New International Encyclopedia about Joseph Ignace Guillotin, 1903 Newspaper clipping about the wedding of an Antoine Saugrain descendant, March 24, 1936 Newspaper clipping, no date Records of births and baptisms in the Michau Family, no date Record of births and deaths in the Robinson family, no date Alfred Saugrain accounting exercise book. 1820 Volume 1 Land survey no. 385 of Frances Tayon property. 1825 May 10 OS: Sa-Sh Land survey no. 386 of Frances Tayon property. 1825 May 10 OS: Sa-Sh Missouri Republican (photostat). 1827 Oct 11 OS: Sa-Sh Transfer of property deed, John Keating to Marie Jeronima Provenchere. 1839 Oct 6 OS: Sa-Sh Printed genealogy of the Saugrain family. 1518-1865 OS: Sa-Sh