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Scope and Contents The Oregon-California Collection is an artificial, or subject-based, collection comprising of a variety of documents that have been placed in this collection over the years due to their common subject matter. The collection consists primarily of letters, diaries, and articles from Missouri newspapers relating to overland travel to Oregon and California in the 1840s and 1850s. Most of these items are transcriptions or reproductions, rather than original documents. The collection also includes correspondence of the Missouri Historical Society with various individuals, 1924-1940, mostly relating to papers and publications about 19th-century overland travel to California and Oregon. Arrangement The collection is arranged chronologically. In some cases, however, small groups of documents that are part of the same accession, or appear to be part of the same accession, have been retained together and filed by the date range of the documents. The correspondence of the Missouri Historical Society is described at the end of this finding aid. Conditions Governing Access The collection is open for research use. Conditions Governing Use For permission to publish, quote from, or reproduce material in this collection, please contact the Archives Reference Desk at . Copyright restrictions may apply. The researcher assumes full responsibility for conforming to the laws of copyright. Physical and Technical Requirements There are no physical or technical restrictions. Preferred Citation Oregon-California Collection, Missouri Historical Society Archives, St. Louis. California -- Description and travel California -- Gold discoveries Indians of North America Oregon -- Description and travel Overland journeys to the Pacific Trails -- West (U.S.) Wagon trains -- West (U.S.) West (U.S.) -- Description and travel Stock certificate of the American Society for Encouraging a Settlement of the Oregon Territory, entitling the holder to 160 acres of good farming land or $100. Certificate does not contain name of shareholder. ca. 1832 1 1 Handwritten transcript (in pencil) of St. Louis Weekly Reveille newspaper article describing affairs of members of an Oregon emigrant party under Sir William Stewart while encamped near Weston, Missouri, prior to departing for Oregon. Includes accounts of visits to nearby Methodist and Catholic missions; the arrest of “Young Watson,” a member of the emigrant party, and his imprisonment in the jail at Independence, Missouri; impressions of a Mormon missionary named Rockwell, who was also confined in the Independence jail; and account of St. Louisan Samuel Lowry being thrown from a horse. (8 pages) 1844 Aug 19 1 1 Mimeograph of typescript copy of a “Petition of Citizens of the United States. Praying that measures may be adopted by Congress to protect the citizens of the United States in Oregon, &c.” Petition was submitted by Bryan Mullanphy and Samuel Hawken, March 17, 1846, and ordered to lie on the table and be printed, April 10, 1846. (3 pages) 1846 Apr 10 1 1 Photostat of letter signed William Riley, Clatsop Planes, Oregon Territory, to Isaac D. Norcott, Steuben County, New York. Recounts his experiences of an overland journey, beginning near Independence, Missouri, to Oregon the previous year. Includes accounts of his effort to recapture a horse that the Kansas Indians stole from him; an encounter with Pawnee Indians; his sickness; and Independence Rock. Also includes an addendum to the letter written April 13, 1847, describing his life in Oregon. (10 pages) (Gift of C. Corwith Wagner, St. Louis, January 3, 1957; original document was in Wagner’s possession in 1957.) 1846 May 15 1 1 Typescript copy of The Liberty Weekly Tribune newspaper article titled “From California.” Includes excerpts from the diary of James Clymer chronicling his overland journey from California to Liberty, Missouri. (3 pages) 1846 Aug 8 1 1 Typescript copies of three Daily Missouri Republican newspaper articles: 1848-1855 1 2 1. Article contains a letter signed “Nebraska,” Fort Childs, Nebraska Territory, August 22, 1848, which describes recent affairs of the Oregon Battalion and disputes with the Pawnee Indians. (4 pages) 1848 Sept 7 1 2 2. Article contains a letter signed “Nebraska,” Fort Childs, Nebraska Territory, October 6, 1848, which describes recent affairs of the Oregon Battalion and the warfare between the Pawnee Indians and the Sioux. (4 pages) 1848 Oct 31 1 2 3. Article contains an unsigned letter dated Mineto, or Blue Creek, near Ash Hollow, 150 miles from Fort Laramie, September 5, 1855, which contains a soldier’s account of the movement from Fort Kearney to Fort Laramie, including an account of a battle with the Brule Indians near the mouth of Ash Hollow on September 3. (4 pages) 1855 Sept 27 1 2 Typescript copy of St. Louis Weekly Reveille newspaper article titled “Route to the Pacific,” which contains a letter of former Missouri governor, Lilburn W. Boggs, written from Sonoma, California. Gives advice to emigrants regarding what materials and provisions to take, and the best times and routes to travel. Warns of difficult terrain and Indians. (3 pages) 1848 May 22 1 3 Typescript copies of several articles from the St. Louis Weekly Reveille : 1849 1 4 1. Article titled “Going to California,” which enumerates the expenses for supplies and provisions necessary for an overland trip to California. (2 pages) 1849 Jan 8 1 4 2. Article titled “Interesting from the Prairies,” which comprises a letter of Chas. S. Sackett dated Fort Kearney, June 19, 1849 (3 pages). Sackett mentions the hospitality of Col. Bonneville at Fort Kearney; estimates of the numbers of emigrants who have passed the fort; hardships of the journey; prairie storms; prairie flowers; emigrant parties named the Mount Washington company and the Granite State company, under the command of Capt. Thing; Pawnee Indians; graves along the route; food; and Mr. Ashambo. 1849 July 16 1 4 3. Article titled “Abstract of Letters from (alta) California,” includes letter written by Louis Dent, formerly of St. Louis (7 pages). Dent describes California during the gold rush, mentioning the high prices for goods, provisions, and labor, and the selling of goods with his Irish business partner Mr. Wen. 1849 July 2 1 4 4. Article titled “Gila Route–‘Solitaire’,” includes letter of “Solitaire” dated San Diego, California, July 11, 1849 (5 pages). The letter describes the hardships of his journey with Capt. Fairchild from Chihuahau, Mexico, to San Diego, including accounts of their suffering from thirst and encounters with Indians. Mentions the drowning of Lieutenant James Allen of St. Louis. 1849 Oct 8 1 4 5. Article titled “Letters from ‘Solitaire’,” includes letter of “Solitaire” dated San Diego, California, July 9, 1849 (4 pages). “Solitaire” describes the work of the American commissioners appointed to run the boundary line near San Diego. Also mentions the drowning of Lieutenant James Allen of St. Louis. 1849 Oct 8 1 4 6. Article titled “Letters from ‘Solitaire’,” includes letter of “Solitaire” dated San Francisco, California, July 18, 1849 (4 pages). “Solitaire” describes San Francisco; mentions prices of goods and labor; mentions goods arriving from China; and discusses the reaction in the city to a group of “New York rowdies,” referred to as “Hounds,” who committed several outrages upon the local Chilean population. 1849 Oct 8 1 4 7. Article titled “Letters from ‘Solitaire’,” includes letter of “Solitaire” dated San Francisco, July 20, 1849 (4 pages). “Solitaire” mentions the following St. Louisans in San Francisco: Dr. Fergeaud (or Dr. Fourgeaud), Mr. Grayson, Mr. Curry, Mr. Guild, Mr. W.S. McKnight, and Mr. Dent. Discusses that many gold diggers have not had success and many have become sick. Also discusses the trial of the “Hounds.” 1849 Oct 8 1 4 8. Article titled “Letters from ‘Solitaire’,” includes letter of “Solitaire” dated Wood’s Diggings, San Joaquin District, California, August 10, 1849 (4 pages). Accompanied by St. Louis native Lewis Dent and Dr. Ord, formerly of the army, “Solitaire” gives his impressions of the gold mines and miners, and mentions that McKnight, formerly marshal of St. Louis County, is mining in the region. 1849 Oct 22 1 4 9. Article titled “Letters from ‘Solitaire.’ Gold Digging and the Mining Region,” includes letter of “Solitaire” dated Wood’s Diggings, San Joaquin, California, August 17, 1849 (4 pages). “Solitaire” describes the diggings. Mentions Indians; the price of goods and provisions; and the miners from foreign countries, particularly Chile and Mexico. 1849 Oct 28 1 4 10. Article titled “Letters from ‘Solitaire’,” includes letter of “Solitaire” dated Sonaranian Camp, San Joaquin District, California, August 12, 1849 (4 pages). “Solitaire” describes the mining town of Sonorania and the nearby Sullivan’s diggings. 1849 Oct 29 1 4 Typescript copies of letters of Hunt, “d.,” “s.,” and Quincy, to St. Louis Weekly Reveille , published May 4, 1849-February 18, 1850, describing emigration from Lexington to St. Joseph, with final letter coming from San Diego. (39 pages) (14 items) 1849-1850 1 5 Typescript titled “The Letters of Epaphroditus Wells of Downers Grove, Illinois to His Wife Emma B. Wells Written from April 1st 1849 to September 29, 1851 Concerning His Overland Journey to California and His Experiences while There.” Includes accounts of his overland journey with a wagon train to Sacramento, California, via St. Joseph, Fort Childs, Fort Laramie, and Salt Lake City. Discusses the price of provisions in California; sickness; setting up a store and tavern at Trinity Mines; and mining. (Original letters were in the possession of C. Corwith Wagner when the typescript was donated to the Missouri Historical Society in January 1948.) (23 pages) 1849-1851 1 6 Typescript copies of six articles titled “California” and “California Emigrants,” published in the The Brunswicker (Brunswick, Missouri). These articles include descriptions of California, the gold rush, and accounts of the overland routes to California and what supplies are needed for the trip. (19 pages) 1849 Mar 3-Apr 7 1 7 James Tate papers. Includes the following three items: 1849 Apr-1850 Mar 1 8 1. Typescript copy of diary of Colonel James Tate describing his overland journey from the vicinity of Columbia, Missouri, to California. Includes frequent descriptions of the landscape, and mentions the availability and quality of grass, timber, and water along the route. Also frequently records the number of miles traveled in the day. Entry dated May 9 (pages 5-6) notes that James Tate, Alfred George, and Stephen Letcher were chosen as leaders of the wagon train. Entry dated May 21 (page 8) mentions that George Shoap shot himself through the shoulder. Entry dated June 9 (page 11) mentions death of Mr. Thurman from cholera. (Diary was copied from typescript manuscript in possession of Dr. Kate L. Gregg, Lindenwood College. Original diary was owned by Dr. Alfred R. Reed, 720 East Holt Avenue, Pomona, California, when the typescript was donated to the Missouri Historical Society. Date of donation is not known.) (32 pages) 1849 Apr 5-Oct 7 1 8 2. Typescript copy of letter of James Tate, Rocky Mountains, to Major Daniel Nolley, Fulton, Missouri, describing trip along the Platte River to Fort Leavenworth. Letter is dated July 1, 1849, but includes additional diary-like entries up through July 25. Mentions Mr. Wilson, Mr. Coons, Mr. George, John and Meredith More, Doc Woody, W.W. Bobison, and Jo Driskle. (gift of Dr Kate L. Gregg) (4 pages) 1849 July 1-25 1 8 3. Typescript copy of obituary of Major James Tate, written by Dr. W.W. Robinson. Tate emigrated from Kentucky to Callaway County, Missouri, in 1823, and then moved to Fulton in 1834. He died in California, a few weeks after arriving there. 1850 Mar 8 1 8 Typescript copy of letter of J.A. Gooding, Missouri River, to his wife, Eunice D. Gooding, Goodings Grove, Will County, Illinois. Describes his journey up the Missouri River from St. Louis to St. Joseph on the steamboat St. Ange, in preparation for a trip to California. Mentions the death on board the steamboat of Mr. J. Luther of Cook County, Iowa. He was buried three miles below Leavenworth. (Original letter was in the possession of C.C. Wagner in March 1943.) (3 pages) 1849 Apr 12 1 9 Original and typescript copy of letter signed J.A. Gooding, St. Joseph, to his wife, Eunice D. Gooding. Discusses preparations for overland journey to California, including his efforts to purchase mules. (accession number 57-0146) 1849 Apr 22 1 9 Typescript copy of letter of J.A. Gooding, Steamship Ohio , to Mrs. E.D. Gooding, Lockport, Illinois, describing trip from New York to Havana. (Original letter was in the possession of C.C. Wagner in March 1943.) (2 pages) 1850 Sept 1 1 9 Typescript copy of letter of S.W. Carnahan, South Fork, to John Ramags, regarding gold digging. (Original in possession of C. Corwith Wagner.) (3 pages) 1849 July 29 1 10 Typescript copy of letter of Peter Rogers, Barry, Missouri, to his sons, John and George Rogers, recounting changes in Barry since their departure. (Original in Oregon Historical Society.) 1849 Aug 5 1 10 Typescript copy of extracts from letter published in St. Louis Weekly Review , presenting views on California. (2 pages) 1850 Jan 28 1 10 Typescript copy of letter of Joseph Wilfley, Buchanan County, Missouri, to his wife. (gift of Dr. O.S. Wilfley) (2 pages) 1850 Apr 28 1 11 Typescript copy of letter of Joseph Wilfley, Ft. Kearney, to his wife, Sarah Wilfley, reporting on health, road conditions, food, and Indians. (gift of Dr. O.S. Wilfley) (1 page) 1850 May 20 1 11 Typescript copy of letter of Joseph Wilfley, Ft. Kearney, to his wife, Sarah Wilfley, advising friends to stay at home, despite the mining success of some. (gift of Dr. O.S. Wilfley) (2 pages) 1850 Oct 13 1 11 Typescript copy of letter of John Wilfley, Sarah Wilfley, and family, Buchanan, Missouri, to his sister and family, regarding the death, property, and money of her husband. (gift of Dr. O.S. Wilfley) (3 pages) 1852 July 20 1 11 Three letters signed Jefferson A. Drake, from St. Joseph (May 8), Fort Kearney (May 26), and Fort Laramie (June 16), to his wife, Mrs. Abigail Drake. Letters describe St. Joseph and his overland journey en route to California. (Purchased from Mrs. Fred Grimm, December 1948.) (3 items) 1850 May-June 1 12 Photostat of hand bill announcing “Exhibition. Immense Moving Mirror to the Land Route to California, By the South Pass of the Rocky Mountains, Embracing all the Scenery from the Missouri River to San Francisco.” Includes letter from donor, Ben L. Emmons, and card from Kate L. Gregg regarding the location of the original item. (3 items) 1850 Oct 14 1 13 Letter signed K.P. Anderson, California, to his wife, Mary Anderson, regarding efforts to start a business and mining. Also includes family tree. (Gift of Mrs. L. Sturgis Day, Missouri) (4 pages) (2 items) 1851 Mar 25 1 14 Typescript copy of three letters of Nelson Simons, datelined Ft. Laramie, Santiam, Linn County, O.T. [Oregon Territory], and Washington Butte, Linn County, O.T., to Dr. C.L. Webster, Illinois. Letters describe journey and recount difficulties in working as a physician in Oregon. (4 pages) (3 items) 1851 June 28-1854 Jan 7 1 14 Letter signed P. Brown, Cosumnes River, California, to his wife, Mrs. Alley Brown, Missouri, describing California as “the best country in the world to make money . . . best place for black folks . . . best climate . . . and a healthy country. . .” (2 pages) 1851 Dec 1 1 14 Typescript copy of diary of John Wesley Yeargain, written en route to Oregon. Diary gives distances traveled, lists places stopped at, and describes scenery and vegetation. Also includes correspondence between the Missouri Historical Society and donor, Mrs. W.H. Smith, daughter of Yeargain. (25 pages) (3 items) 1852 Mar 10-Sept 26 1 15 Typescript copy of diary of Lydia A. Rudd titled “Notes by the Wayside Enroute to Oregon.” Diary gives distances traveled, lists places camped, and describes scenery, weather, and health of group. (Purchased from Fred Lockley, Portland, Oregon, 1941.) (32 pages) 1852 May-Oct 27 1 16 Typescript copy of letter of Mammie, Sacramento City, California, to E. Steele, Calhoun, Missouri, describing her happiness living in California. (Original letter was in manuscript collection of C. Corwith Wagner in 1953.) (3 pages) 1852 June 26 1 17 Photostat of letter signed Bernard Bloemker, Fort Laramie, to his beloved parents, brother, and sister, summarizing the events on his trip from St. Louis – observed many wagons returning, had to buy new pair of oxen, encountered difficulties crossing rivers, but little danger from Indians. (Letter is in German, with typescript translation.) (Letter loaned by his sons, Benedict J. Bloemker and Frank H. Bloemker.) (1 page typed; 3 manuscript) 1852 June 29 1 17 Typescript copy of letter of James Chelton, Marysville, California, to his brother and sisters (addressed to Mr. V.C. Clark, Chautauque County [Chautauque County], New York), giving an account of his ocean voyage from Panama to San Francisco. (Original was in manuscript collection of C. Corwith Wagner in 1953.) (2 pages) 1852 Sept 2 1 17 Typescript excerpt from diary of H.T. Baldy, M.D., California, describing his trip to California. Includes undated, printed note that reads, “Honorable Testimony. The Bearer Mr. Henry Baldy by good Behavior and strict attention to his studies Merits Approbation.” Signed Eben Russ[?]. (2 items) 1853 1 17 Typescript copy of letter of JFP[arkhurst], Fort Laramie, to his father, Hale Parkhurst, Maine. (Original was in possession of C. Corwith Wagner in 1947.) (2 pages) 1854 June 4 1 17 Letter signed John Varner, American Valley, to his wife, Rebecca Varner, New Harmony, Indiana, describing quarrels over money. (Purchased from Mildred Grandstaff in 1938.) (3 pages) 1854 Dec 6 1 17 Letter signed H.B., Sacramento City. Briefly describes his sea voyage from Rio de Janeiro to San Francisco. Also mentions Sacramento and San Jose. (Notation states that letter was written by Dr. Henry Behrens to his wife, Bertha Behrens; letter is in German, with typescript transcription and translation.) (2 pages) 1857 Sept 10 1 17 Typescript copy of letter of Maria, Marysville, California, to her mother, Mrs. John I. Cisco, New York City, discussing family’s health and pleasant conditions. (Original was in manuscript collection of C. Corwith Wagner in 1953.) (3 pages) 1858 July 17 1 17 Typescript copy of part of diary of William K. Thomas, from The Daily Advocate (Belleville, November 11, 1922). Thomas was killed by Indians in Montana. (gift of Lawrence Kinnaird) (7 pages) 1866 May 15-Aug 22 1 17 Typescript copy of manuscript titled “Origin of Missions in Oregon” by John W. York, Corvallis, January 27, 1876, accompanied by typescript copy of undated letter of John W. York to J. Quinn Thornton regarding the manuscript. Typed notation at the top of the page reads, “Transcript from the Thornton manuscript in the collection of the Academy of Pacific Coast History (Bancroft Library), at the University of California, Berkeley, California. (page 45).” (10 pages) 1876 Jan 27 1 17 Election ticket of Workingmen’s Party of California, 9th Senatorial District. Lists names of candidates for various offices (i.e., governor, mayor, justices of the peace, school directors). Includes statement, “The Chinese must go!” (filed oversize) ca. 1878 OS: Missouri Land-Os Four ribbons of the Oregon Pioneer Association indicating settlement in Oregon in 1839, 1843, 1849, and 1857. The 1843 and 1857 badges are dated June 15, 1900; the other two badges are undated. (3 items) 1900 1 18 Mimeograph of typescript titled “Notes on Settlement of Oregon,” compiled by Marjory Dawson in the summer of 1901, includes articles copied from the Missouri Republican , St. Louis New Era , and St. Louis Reveille , dated 1831-1848. (14 pages) Summer 1901 1 19 Postcard with photograph showing Ezra Meeker’s ox team and wagon. The following text is printed on the back of the card: “Team and wagon after having traveled 5,500 miles; wagon built from remains of three old wagons that crossed the plains 58 years before; wooden axle-trees; linch-pins; tar bucket shown 104 years old; trip of 1910.” Handwritten note on card reads, “Dave, the off ox is looking fine, weighs 1800. Dandy, the ‘nigh’ one 1700. The latter looked like he ought to go in the ‘Caveyard,’ if that’s the way to spell it. Moreover, the dog came and licked his sores.” (gift of Mrs. G.I. Baker) 1910 Oct 31 1 19 Map of the Pioneer Way, Oregon Trail (Olympia to Kansas City), National Old Trails Road (Kansas City to Washington, D.C.), showing every city, town, village, and hamlet throughout its entire length proposed by the Pioneer Way Association and also advocated by the National Highways Association. (filed oversize, AMD) 1916 AMD St. Louis Daily Globe-Democrat newspaper article titled “Old Oregon Trail traverses historic northwest region.” 1926 Mar 21 1 19 St. Louis Post Dispatch newspaper article titled “Shoving-off place of the 49ers marked,” regarding granite marker now placed in front of Samuel Weston’s old blacksmith shop. 1926 May 2 1 19 Typescript list titled “Immigration of 1843” comprises an alphabetical list of Oregon emigrants, based on “Nesmith’s Roll” at the Oregon Historical Society (11 pages). Entries on the list include the emigrant’s name, and in some cases his state of birth and state from which he emigrated. Also includes letter signed Nellie B. Pipes, Oregon Historical Society, to Miss Stella M. Drumm, Missouri Historical Society, March 3, 1928; and letter signed Perry S. Rader, reporter, Supreme Court of the State of Missouri, to Miss Stella Drumm. These letters relate to the accuracy of the list. (3 items) 1928 1 20 Typescript copy of “By the President [Herbert Hoover] of the United States of America a Proclamation,” authorizing a celebration of western pioneers. 1930 1 21 St. Louis Daily Globe-Democrat newspaper article titled “It is 100 years since the first covered wagon train set out from St. Louis over the historic Oregon Trail.” Article includes photographs, map, and description of celebrations planned for St. Louis. 1930 Mar 9 1 21 St. Louis Daily Globe-Democrat newspaper article titled “A ‘covered wagon’ centenary” summarizing President Hoover’s proclamation to observe a celebration between April 10 and December 29, 1930. 1930 Mar 24 1 21 St. Louis Daily Globe-Democrat newspaper article titled “Relics of covered wagon days given historical society.” Gift includes first baggage check, whip, and doe skin gold nugget sack. (2 copies) 1930 Mar 28 1 21 Newspaper article titled “The covered wagon’s work.” 1930 Apr 1 21 Poster published by the Journal of the National Education Association, celebrating covered wagon centennial. (2 copies) (filed oversize) 1930 Apr 10 OS: Missouri Land-Os Invitation to centennial celebration at Hotel Coronado, celebrating the 100th anniversary of a trek over the Oregon Trail. (1 item) 1930 Apr 10 1 21 Typescript copy of pageant titled “The Spirit of the Oregon Trail,” by Anita Goebler [Gaebler] Knight, written for and produced by the St. Louis Council, Boy Scouts of America, in conjunction with the Oregon Trail Centennial Celebration (20 pages). Includes typescript letter signed Charles H. Mills, activities director, St. Louis Council, Boy Scouts of America, to the Missouri Historical Society, April 12, 1930, regarding the donation of the pageant. 1930 Apr 10 1 21 St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper article titled “Covered wagons, dirigible in Oregon Trail centennial.” 1930 Apr 11 1 21 St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper article titled “St. Joseph, Missouri, to observe pony express anniversary.” 1935 Apr 1 1 21 St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper article titled “Overland trail hardships told in woman’s diary,” regarding diary of Martha Missouri Moore. 1936 Mar 17 1 21 Typescript titled “A Sketch of the Life of Lysander Johnston, who left Boonville, Missouri, in 1850 for California with William Harley of Boonville,” written by his daughter, Miss Lois May Johnston, in 1940. The sketch describes the overland wagon train journey from Missouri to California via Ft. Kearney, Ft. Laramie, Independence Rock, Salt Lake City, and the Humboldt and Truckee Rivers, which departed around May 1, 1852, and arrived on the outskirts of the Sacramento Valley nearly six months later. Includes descriptions of conflicts with Indians. The sketch also includes a genealogy of the family; account of Johnston’s life in California through 1854; account of his participation in Walker’s expedition in Nicaragua; account of his return to the U.S., service in the Civil War, and death in Chicago in 1922 (14 pages). Accompanying documents include two typescript letters signed Miss Lois May Johnston to Charles van Ravenswaay, February 3 and May 1, 1940, regarding the sketch of her father; photograph of Lysander Johnston at age 78; photograph of the Joe Cannon House in Danville, Illinois, the plans and specifications for which were drawn by Lysander Johnston; and two letterheads of the Elevated Suspension Electric Railway Co., Chicago, 189-. (6 items) 1940 1 22 Typescript copy of manuscript titled “Marcus Whitman. Missionary of Oregon” by John A. Bryan. Describes Whitman’s work among the Indians, the story of his death at the hands of the Cayses in the brutal massacre of 1847, and the passage of legislation creating the Oregon Territory. (11 pages) (3 copies) 1943 Mar 20 1 23 Minutes of a meeting of citizens of Clay County, Missouri, who contemplate emigrating to California, signed William L. Smith, chairman, and Thos. J. Morrow, secretary. Other citizens who were present at the meeting included Garard Long, J.S. Martin, Richardson Long, Henry Morton, Jas. H. Birch, Jr., Abram Thornton, Thomas Menefees, Meredith R. Miller, William Tapp, George W. Crowley, Thos. K. Bradley, R. Foster Smith, John R. Lincoln, John Huston, Benjamin Middaugh, Walter R. Davis, Daniel Buchler, Logan Wood, John Hinton, Ezekiel S. Moreer, Mr. Grizzle, Louthey W. Long, Robert T. Lincoln, William L. Smith, Mathew K. Smith, and John Henry Smith. (1 page) No date 1 23 Correspondence with the Missouri Historical Society Letter signed Mrs. M.A.B. Linden, Portland, Oregon, to Miss Stella Drumm, Missouri Historical Society, presenting copy of letter (and offering the original) written by her father describing his experiences with a hunting party under Captain Stuart in 1843. (4 pages) 1924 Jan 10 1 24 Correspondence between Charles Rudolph Adams (Eugene, Oregon), Mrs. N. Harney Beauregard (Missouri Historical Society archivist), David I. Bushnell, Jr. (Washington, D.C.), and Joseph Schafer (State Historical Society of Wisconsin) regarding a collection of original drawings made by a member of an exploring expedition into the far west that started from Fort Leavenworth circa May 1, 1849. Adams seeks to learn the artist’s name and sell the collection. (30 items) 1925-1927 1 25 Typescript letter signed (Ret. Rev. Major) Michael A. Shine, Plattsmouth, Nebraska, to Miss Stella Drumm, Missouri Historical Society, with a query regarding the killing of a young man by the Pawnees known as the “Rawhide Tragedy.” 1926 Apr 16 1 26 Typescript letter signed Miss Lucy Ball, Grandville, Michigan, to Miss M.L. Dalton, Missouri Historical Society, requesting photograph of St. Louis in 1832 to use in her father’s (John Ball) autobiography. Includes typescript reply from Mrs. N.H. Beauregard, Missouri Historical Society, and typescript letter of thanks from Miss Lucy Ball. (3 items) 1926 May 13-30 1 27 Letter signed Mabel W. Phelps (Mrs. George W.), Monterey, California, to Dr. Arthur E. Bostwick, St. Louis Public Library, October 21, 1926, offering for sale a transcribed copy of a journal written by Captain David Dewolf about his travels west. Also includes typescript letter of Mrs. N.H. Beauregrard, Missouri Historical Society, to Mrs. George W. Phelps, December 3, 1926. 1926 Oct-Dec 1 28 Typescript correspondence of Oregon Trail Memorial Association regarding a celebration planned for April 10. (12 items) 1930 Feb 17-Mar 31 1 29 Letter signed S. Louise Marsh, 6461 Alamo, St. Louis, to Mr. E. D. Nims, describing his interest in Covered Wagon Days and offering some old books for loan. Includes typescript copy of a poem she wrote titled “Missouri”and her business card (with notes on back). (3 items) 1930 Apr 2 1 30 Typescript correspondence between Mr. Joseph Schafer, State Historical Society of Wisconsin, and Miss Stella Drumm, Missouri Historical Society, and between Miss Lillian Krueger, State Historical Society of Wisconsin, and Miss Nettie Beauregard, Missouri Historical Society. Correspondence relates to the State Historical Society of Wisconsin’s publication, California Letters of Lucius Fairchild . (4 items) 1930 Oct 20-Dec 23 1 31 St. Louis Globe-Democrat newspaper article titled “Old letter tells how former Gov. Edwards became ox driver” and typescript letter signed Mrs. N.H. Beauregard, Missouri Historical Society, to Mr. Sid G. Roach, St. Louis, requesting a photostat copy of the letter described in the article (and written by Roach’s grandfather). Also includes Roach’s reply, agreeing to allow the Missouri Historical Society to make a copy. (3 items) 1930 Oct 22-25 1 32 Letter signed Sara S. Swain, DeLand, Florida, to the Missouri Historical Society, offering 30 original letters and two diaries (1849-1851) relating the experiences of her father, William Swain. Also includes an outline (prepared by Sara S. Swain) containing a brief summary of each letter and a typescript reply from Mrs. N.H. Beauregard asking to inspect the original documents. (7 pages) (3 items) 1931 Feb 17-27 1 33 Undated, typescript letter signed E. Grabhorn, San Francisco, to the Missouri Historical Society, offering for sale a collection of letters, bills, etc., written to and by Alexander Warfield who had a trading post in Missouri in the 1850s. Includes typescript reply signed Assistant Archivist declining the offer. (2 items) 1931 June 11 1 34 Typescript letter signed Jay S. Stowell, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to the Chamber of Commerce, St. Louis, requesting photographs for their one-hundredth anniversary celebration of the coming of the Indians from the Oregon Country to St. Louis to visit General Clark and the going of Jason Lee in 1834 to Oregon as the first missionary of any organization to the Pacific Northwest. 1932 July 15 1 35 Letter signed C.F. Pollock, Carbondale, Illinois, to Miss Stella M. Drumm, Missouri Historical Society, regarding the disappointing price offered for a journal written by his uncle, a member of the Missouri Company. Includes typescript reply signed Librarian. (4 pages) (2 items) 1937 Aug 3 -13 1 36 Typescript correspondence between Miss Mary L. Ream, State of Nevada, Department of Highways, and the Missouri Historical Society, regarding the society’s collections of manuscript journals covering overland trips to California. (4 items) 1940 Dec-1941 Jan 1 37 Small promotional leaflet announcing the publication of Salt Desert Trails, A History of the Hasting Cutoff by Charles Kelly, available from the Shepard Book Co., Salt Lake City. No date 1 38