King, Harry Bronson, 1857-1933
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A2531 King Family Papers Inventory of King Family Papers A2531 EAD by Jaime Bourassa using ArchivesSpace Missouri Historical Society Library and Research Center 2017 225 S. Skinker Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63105 URL: This finding aid was produced using ArchivesSpace on 2018-10-02 06:33:22 -0500 . English Describing Archives: A Content Standard English Missouri Historical Society Library and Research Center King Family Papers A2531 0.5 Cubic Feet (1 box) 1890-1990 Processing Information Processed by Tyson Koenig, August 2009. Donor Information Papers were donated by H. Bronson King in 1999. Biographical Sketch Harry Bronson (H.B.) King was born in Medina, Ohio, in 1857. In the 1880s he moved to St. Louis and entered into business with his father, David H. King, in King-Brinsmade Mercantile Company, a wholesale millinery manufacturing firm. David H. King died in 1896, and Harry B. King remained as treasurer of the firm until his retirement in 1927. After a brief marriage to and divorce from Mildred Crow Romans in 1895, he married Grace Eulalia Wright in 1899. They had one daughter, Mary Harriet King Coolidge, born in 1900, and one son, Harry Blackford King, born in 1903. Both married and had children of their own. H.B. King's mother, Helen M. Bronson King, died in Rome in 1918 after a lengthy illness. H.B. King died at the home of his daughter in Essex Falls, New Jersey, in 1933; Grace Wright King died in an accident in New Jersey in 1936. H. Blackford King lived in New Jersey and later in Maryland, where he died in 1989. Mary King Coolidge retired to Florida from New Jersey; she died in 1991. Scope and Contents The collection consists primarily of the personal correspondence of Harry Bronson King and members of his family, including his parents, David H. and Helen M. King; sister, Anna B. King; wife, Grace E. Wright King; and children, Harry Blackford King and Mary H. King Coolidge. The collection also contains some legal and financial documents, mostly related to financial transactions between members of the King family; genealogical information on the Bronson family, compiled by H.B. King; newspaper clippings related to the King family, including obituaries; and miscellaneous clippings and items. The Personal Correspondence Series makes up the bulk of the collection and includes correspondence of various members of the King family, dated 1890-1990. The bulk of the series consists of personal letters H.B. King received from his mother, Helen M. King, in Europe in the years immediately preceding her death. It also includes letters H.B. King received from his sister, wife, and, children; family correspondence; and some other personal correspondence of H.B. King's father, wife, and children. The Legal and Financial Papers Series includes a wide range of documents related to land transactions, accounts, and other financial affairs of the King family, dated 1890-1954. The Genealogy Series includes information on the history of the Bronson family, compiled by H.B. King and others. The Newspaper Clippings Series includes newspaper clippings, most of which are related to the King family, including obituaries of family members, dated circa 1890-1950. The Miscellaneous Series contains documents related to the H.B. King family, as well as a few photographs. Those with dates range from 1911 to 1990, but most of the miscellaneous documents and all of the photographs are undated. Arrangement The collection is arranged into five series: Personal Correspondence , Legal and Financial Papers , Genealogy , Newspaper Clippings , and Miscellaneous . Each series is arranged chronologically. Conditions Governing Access The collection is open for research use. Conditions Governing Use For permission to publish, quote from, or reproduce material in this collection, please contact the Archives Reference Desk at . Copyright restrictions may apply. The researcher assumes full responsibility for conforming to the laws of copyright. Physical and Technical Requirements There are no physical or technical restrictions. Preferred Citation King Family Papers, Missouri Historical Society Archives, St. Louis. Bronson family -- Genealogy Families -- Missouri -- Saint Louis Real property -- Missouri -- Washington County King family Personal Correspondence Series Correspondence to David H. King. Includes letters from Pastor J.P. Greene, A.C. Lewis, and Walter Scott (principal, Connecticut Literary Institution). 1890-1896 1 1 Correspondence of Helen M. King and Anna B. King to H.B. King and Mary H. King, 1701 Washington Ave., St. Louis. Letters discuss earthquake at Avezzano, Italy, in January 1915; includes clippings enclosed with letters. 1914-1915 1 2 Correspondence of H.B. King with Helen M. King, Anna B. King, and Sgt. P. Denard. Includes clippings enclosed with letters. 1915 1 3 Correspondence of Helen M. King, Anna B. King, and Grace E. King to H.B. King; includes postcards and clippings enclosed with letters. 1916 1 4 Correspondence of Helen M. King and Anna B. King to H.B. King. Includes postcards and other enclosures with letters. 1916-1917 1 5 Correspondence of Helen M. King and Anna B. King to H.B. King. 1917-1918 1 6 Correspondence of H.B. King with Anna B. King and Mary Schuyler MacLean. 1918 1 7 Correspondence of H.B. King with Anna B. King, Grace E. King, Mary H. King, H. Blackford King, Mary Schuyler MacLean, and Francis B. Keene (American consul-general in Rome). Includes postcards enclosed with letters. 1918-1921 1 8 Correspondence between H.B. King, Grace E. King, H. Blackford King, and Mary H. King Coolidge. Includes letter to Grace E. King from William L. Henry of Hoosac School. 1922-1935 1 9 Correspondence of Mary H. King Coolidge, her husband Roger Coolidge, and Ruth J. Bell King (wife of H. Blackford King). Includes letters of Anna B. King to Roger and Mary King Coolidge and Ruth J. King, letters to Mary King Coolidge from Dr. George Gellhorn, H. Chouteau Dyer, and "Aunt Fannie"; a Christmas card to Roger and Mary King Coolidge from "Aunt B" [probably Buffinton]; and a Christmas card from Roger and Mary King Coolidge to Mr. and Mrs. A.P. Johnston. Letters of Anna B. King are written from the following addresses: 4300 Lindell Ave., 3716 Pine St., and 3708 Pine St. 1926-1938 1 10 Miscellaneous correspondence of H.B. King’s children and their descendants. Includes correspondence to H. Blackford and Ruth J. King from R.E. Snedden, F.A. Hahn (The Boys' Latin School, Baltimore), their son H. Bronson King, Mary King Coolidge, Rev. David H. Benson (rector, St. Peter's Episcopal Church in St. Louis), and U.S. Senator Clifford P. Case; a letter to Mary King Coolidge from F. Gerald New (jeweler) and a bill to her for services rendered from Samuel Allcorn, Jr. (counsellor at law); correspondence to H. Bronson King from B.H. Wetherby, Patricia L. Hall (American consul in Barcelona), P.G.J. Koornhof (ambassador to the United States from South Africa), and F.J. Fraser (British consul in Washington); letter signed "Adele" to "Pat" about Wright family genealogy; unsigned letter to "Pat" on stationery labeled "Elizabeth & William O'Grady," and explanation of Medicare benefits mailed to "Ruth J. King for H. Bronson King." 1940-1990 1 11 Miscellaneous correspondence of H.B. King and family. Includes letters to H.B. King from Grace E. King, H. Blackford King, and Roger Coolidge; letter of H. Blackford King to Grace E. King; letter of Grace E. King to Mary H. King; letter signed "Pat" to H. Blackford King; unaddressed letters from Mary H. King, Anna B. King, "Aunt Fannie," and Helen M. King (probably to H.B. King); letter signed "Mary HC" to "John"; and letter signed "S.M.S." to "Mrs. King." No date 1 12 Legal and Financial Papers Series Correspondence and other documents related to a plot of land in Washington County, Missouri. Includes letters of Don. Mc N. Palmer to C.H. Longley and Wm. Maury and letter from president of Kansas City Smelting and Refining Co. to H.B. King; land deed for a tract of land purchased by Paul W. and Ottilie Abt in East St. Louis, Illinois, 22 May 1890; deed for land purchased by James D. Lowry, 8 December 1891. 1890-1892 1 13 Financial and other legal documents and correspondence. Includes copy of legal agreements made by H.B. and Helen M. King with Hobart Brinsmade and made by H.B. King and Hobart Brinsmade with Colonial Trust Company; includes correspondence to H.B. King regarding sale of land in Washington County, Missouri, from John J. Hainsworth, B.W. Pierce, Wm. Moller, and C. Hofferbath, and to B.W. Pierce from Wm. P. Nelson. 1897-1907 1 14 Financial and legal documents and correspondence. Includes correspondence of H.B. King concerning Washington County, Missouri, land with A. Pierce, O.B. Starkwather, and Robert Welch (Welch Stave and Mercantile Company, 5550 Cates Ave.); account book and canceled checks of Grace E. King; and legal agreements between H.B. King, Helen M. King, and Anna B. King. 1908-1912 1 15 Legal agreements between H.B. King, Grace E. King, and Anna B. King, financial documents, and correspondence relating to loans. Includes correspondence of H.B. King with William Kent, O.B. Dealing, and Mary L. Lilly; includes clipping enclosed with letter. 1914-1916 1 16 Bills, receipts, correspondence, and miscellaneous financial documents relating to H.B. King and family. Includes account between H.B. King and Anna B. King, letter to H.B. King from Elizabeth T. Kent, and partial letter signed "W.F. Crook, Assistant Cashier," concerning stock in Petroleum Derivatives Incorporated (address missing). 1917-1954 1 17 Miscellaneous financial documents and an undated survey showing the Flat River; the Farmington & Potosi Road; and property of the Central Mining Co., the Doe Run Lead Co., Desloge Consolidated Lead Co., W.R. Taylor, E. Cunningham, G.M. Williams, Samuel L. Crawley, and James Highley. No date 1 18 Genealogy Series History of the Bronson family written by Amos Alcott and passed to H.B. King; other documents about the history of the Bronson family; clipping about Louisa May Alcott (cousin to the Bronson family). No date 1 19 Newspaper Clippings Series Photocopies of newspaper clippings related to the King family. Includes clippings related to the divorce of H.B. King and Mildred Romans King; wedding announcement of H.B. King and Grace Wright King; obituaries of David H. King, David L. King, J. Brooks Johnson, H.B. King, and Roger Coolidge; clipping related to the death of Grace E. King; and other clippings related and unrelated to the King family. 1895-1975 1 20 Miscellaneous Series Miscellaneous documents related to the King family. Includes a school report for H. Blackford King from the Lycée Lakanal at the Académie de Paris, 1912-1913 (in French), many international mail receipts for letters sent to Europe by H.B. King during his mother's illness in 1914, certificate of marriage registration for H. Blackford King and Ruth J. Bell King, New York City dog license issued to "Mrs. W. King" in 1935, death certificate for H. Blackford King (listed as "Henry L. King"), personal note from Anna B. King to H.B. King, advertisement for the New-York Tribune newspaper, address book, sketches of individuals, and a sketch of a house and its inside layout. 1911-1990 1 21 Photograph of a child identified as Mary Harriet King Coolidge; undated photograph of a building identified as Les Invalides in Paris. No date 1 22 Five unidentified photographs of individuals. No date 1 23