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Army Contemporary copy of promissory note sent to Chs Hardin [Charles Hardin], Fulton, Mo., for collection. Note is signed William S. Miller [or William G. Miller], promising payment to P. Crow. 1849 Jan 1 1 1 Receipt of Wm. A. Crow to Jo Poindexter for cash borrowed by Crow. 1854 Nov 27 1 1 Receipt of P. Crow for state and county real estate taxes on property in Rocheport, Mo., assessed to David Gray. Receipt was issued by the Missouri Register of Lands office, Jefferson City. 1856 May 29 1 1 Letter signed Jno. Allen Gano [John Allen Gano], Centreville, Kentucky, to cousin Wm. A. Crow [William A. Crow], St. Louis, Mo. Gano discusses the health and affairs of family and friends in Kentucky, the state of their crops, political rallies, and his return to preaching. Mentions Miss Eliza Davis, Robt. Innes [Robert Innes] and his daughter Mary Innes, Dr. Welch, Major G.W. Williams, Mr. Beck (the law partner of John C. Breckenridge), Charles Innes, James Ware, Sarah Maddox, Julian Keene, Susan Neal, Helen Kennard, and John S. Conn. 1856 Oct 31 1 1 Agreement signed C. Haywood, P. Crow, and W.A. Crow, regarding the plan for closing their co-partnership. 1858 June 26 1 1 Deed for lots in Rocheport, Mo., and land in Boone County sold by Martin Staley and his wife, Miriam L. Staley (of Boone County, Mo.) to Philips Crow (of St. Louis). Deed mentions John Ballantine, Bluford Robinson, Frederick Potts and his wife, Martha B. Potts. 1859 Oct 29 1 1 Letter signed W.A. Crow, New York, to "Dear Ma." Mentions that he is homesick for St. Louis; his efforts to buy cheap goods; attending the theater and the opera; and two engravings he bought for her. Also mentions that he, Chas. Keiser [Charles Keiser], and Geo. Parker [George Parker] will return soon to St. Louis. 1860 Jan 28 1 1 Letter signed J.K. Rogers, C. College, to Bro. Crow. Offers his condolences on the occasion of the death of Crow's wife. 1860 Dec 28 1 1 Account of Philips Crow with Wayman Crow. 1863 1 1 Receipt of Jno. H. Bowen & Co., merchants, 6 North Main Street, St. Louis, to the Pacific Railroad and sold for account of Jno. N. Coudrey [John N. Coudrey]. Receipt is for cotton bales. 1864 Jan 14 1 1 Special Order No. 21, Headquarters, District of Southwest Missouri, Springfield, Mo., by order of Brigadier General Sanborn, signed W.L. Hubard. Order appoints a military commission to meet at Fayetteville, Arkansas, for the trial of prisoners. Commission will comprise Major T.J. Hunt, Capt. D.D. Stark, First Lieutenant Frank Strong, and First Lieutenant Henry M. Kidder. (2 copies of document) 1864 Jan 23 1 1 Receipt signed John N. Coudrey, Fayetteville, to P.A. Crow. 1864 Feb 26 1 1 Letter signed Jas. McCown [Colonel James McCown], Tuscaloosa, Alabama, to "Dear Crow." McCown briefly describes the recent movements of his Confederate unit from Demopolis to Lauderdale to Tuscaloosa, and speculates on their future movements. 1864 Apr 27 1 1 Letter signed "Lizzie G.," Demopolis, to Lieutenant William A. Crow, Jackson, Mississippi. Expresses her joy at finishing teaching at the end of the school year. Describes the extraction of a tooth by her dentist. 1864 July 4 1 1 Incomplete, unsigned letter [written in same handwriting as letter signed "Lizzie G.," dated July 4, 1864], Demopolis [no addressee]. She describes her efforts to attract the attention of a wounded soldier. She made him a hat, mailed it to him, and was disappointed not to hear from him. 1864 July 26 1 1 Receipt of George Knapp & Co. to Col. Jones, Mexico, Mo., for subscription to the Tri Weekly Missouri Republican . 1864 Oct 28 1 1 Note signed W.H. Waters [William H. Waters?], St. Louis, to Mr. F.M. Mahan, Memphis. Waters introduces his friend P.A. Crow to Mahan. 1864 Nov 11 1 1 Account of J.C. Cunningham & Co. with P.A. Crow & Co. 1865 1 1 Receipt of Mr. P. Crow to W.R. Cornelius, undertaker, Nashville, Tennessee, for metallic case for W.A. Crow and for disinterring and changing remains. 1865 Jan 30 1 1 Letter signed J.W. Crow [John W. Crow], Glenwood, Iowa, to "Dear Uncle." Asks his uncle to send him his watch, and briefly asks about other family members. 1865 Apr 24 1 1 Letter signed McAfee & Phelps, Springfield, Mo., to P. Crow, Rocheport, Mo. States that they are returning Crow's notes and accounts against parties once of Fayetteville, Arkansas. Mentions Saml. P. Hedges [Samuel P. Hedges]. 1866 June 16 1 1 Statement signed W.L.C. Brey, notary public, St. Louis County, Mo. Philip A. Crow, late of the firm Philip A. Crow & Co., Fulton, Tennessee, disputes the claim of J.C. Cunningham (Durhamville, Tennessee) that Cunningham had delivered four bales of Cotton to Crow's firm. 1868 Feb 29 1 1 Receipt of John W. Harris, 55 4th Street, St. Louis, to Mr. Crow for shirts, ties, gloves, etc. 1868 July 1 1 1 Letter signed H.W. Crow, Rocheport, to "Dear Guss." Regarding the sale of some lots. Mentions Clayton Miller & Co., Mrs. J.E. Basye, and Jas. E. Basye & Co. [James E. Basye & Co.]. 1868 July 23 1 1 City of St. Louis water license granted to P.A. Crow, 1105 Olive, city block no. 516. 1869 Apr 7 1 1 Letter signed W.F. Carter[?], Germantown, Mo., to Mr. P.A. Crow. Discusses business and financial matters. Mentions Weil & Bro. and Mr. Tenent. 1869 May 18 1 1 Receipt of P.A. Crow, St. Louis, Mo., for taking deposition in case of P.A. Crow vs. J.E. Cunningham. 1869 July 8 1 1 Letter signed Jerome L. Babe, Philadelphia, to C.A. Crow, St. Louis, Mo. States that he has just returned from South Africa where he traveled with Carneal Burke of New Orleans and C.C. Campbell of Mobile in search of diamonds and gold. Asks Crow to find him a job in St. Louis. 1869 Oct 9 1 1 Letter signed Wilkenar & Wilkenar[?], Ripley, Tennessee, to P.A. Crow, St. Louis, Mo. States that the jury in the Cunningham case rendered a verdict against Crow. Offers to appeal. 1870 Oct 10 1 1 Letter signed "your affectionate cousin" [signature could not be deciphered], Lenox, [Massachusetts], to "My dear cousin." Discusses family matters. [No year] June 13 1 1 Account titled "Statement from P.A. Crow's Book." No date 1 1