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A0005 Accounts Collection Inventory of Accounts Collection A0005 EAD by Jaime Bourassa using ArchivesSpace Missouri Historical Society Library and Research Center 2018 225 S. Skinker Blvd. St. Louis, MO 63105 URL: This finding aid was produced using ArchivesSpace on 2018-09-27 06:47:35 -0500 . English Describing Archives: A Content Standard English Missouri Historical Society Library and Research Center Accounts Collection A0005 2.4 Cubic Feet (5 folders; 23 volumes; 1 oversize folder) 1766-1941 Some French and German Processing Information Finding aid by Jaime Bourassa, July 2018. Donor Information The Accounts Collection is a subject-based collection. The items in this collection have been acquired by the Missouri Historical Society from a multiplicity of sources. In cases where accession information is readily available, this information has been noted after the description of the item. Scope and Contents Collection consists of various accounts, mostly receipts and pages from account books from St. Louis firms. The collection also includes an unidentified ledger labeled "Oklahoma," which contains records of accounts with hardware, radiator companies, etc., 1904-1941; an undated index to Ledger #1, "St.L.M.L.I. Co."; and an unidentified account book of rent collections, 1904-1907. Arrangement The collection is arranged chronologically. The bound volumes are listed at the end of the inventory. Conditions Governing Access The collection is open for research use. Conditions Governing Use For permission to publish, quote from, or reproduce material in this collection, please contact the Archives Reference Desk at . Copyright restrictions may apply. The researcher assumes full responsibility for conforming to the laws of copyright. Physical Characteristics and Technical Requirements There are no physical or technical restrictions. Preferred Citation Accounts Collection, Missouri Historical Society Archives, St. Louis. Accounts Bills of sale Commission merchants General stores Grocery trade House furnishings Sales Tailors Documents in French regarding litigation, debts due. (6 items) 1766-1770 1 1 Miscellaneous due bills. (11 items) 1793-1825 1 1 Account, Patrick Lee with Deschapelle & Longpre, St. Louis. (Gift of Stratford Lee Morton, December 6, 1968; accession no. 68-0083) 1811 Aug 26 1 1 Four items: 1) Bill for wrought iron work at Cape Girardeau, listed by Charles G. Ellis, July 16, 1817; 2) List of merchandise purchased and shipped to Joseph Frizel & Co., Cape Girardeau; 3) Merchandise purchased by Joseph Frizel from Neal & Liggett, St. Louis; and 4) Invoice of merchandise shipped by George H. Kuhn to New Orleans, to be sent by boat from there to Jackson, Mo., to Joseph Frizel. (Gift of Ward S. Parker, January 15, 1967; accession no. 67-0007) 1817 July 16-1822 Aug 31 1 1 Merchandise account. Mentions Cabanne, Soulard, Saugrain, Leduc, T. Hunt, Ann Cook, Denjen, Gratiot, McNair, C.S. Hempstead, H. Papin, Wm. C. Carr, Austin, and Sanguinet. (5 pages) pre-1820 1 1 Accounts. [1825] 1 1 Receipt for payment. 1835 Jan 6 1 1 Unidentified account book, possibly a practice accounting book. (accession no. 95-0029) 1839-1843 1 2 Partial account of Madame (?) Luedeking, Hermann, Mo. 1840 1 3 Bills of sale and accounts of various St. Louis firms. Names include: Louis LaBeaume; Henri Chouteau; Jacob G. Renick; John E. Mower; R.A. Masterson; H. & R.B. Whittemore; G. & C. Todd; Martin Moore; Churchill & Nelson; J.T. Dowdall & Co.; Washington Foundry; P.L. & H. VanDeventer & Co.; Charles H. West; Hewitt, Roe & Co.; Eddy, Jameson & Co.; Woods Christy Co.; Chouteau, Harrison & Valle; Manny, Drake & Co.; Greeley & Gale; Doan King & Co.; and Washington West. (Gift of Mrs. F.K. Habenicht, January 27, 1960; accession no. 60-0017) 1841-1857 1 3 Bleifuss and Company in account with E.E. Adams for chairs, St. Louis. (Gift of Miss Marian Wallace, St. Louis, June 2, 1952) 1850 May 9 1 3 Messrs. Bleifuss and Co. in account with L. Peckmann for china ware, St. Louis. Mentions F. Bochlan (?). (Gift of Miss Marian Wallace, St. Louis, June 2, 1952) 1850 July 31 1 3 Messrs. M. Bleifuss and Company in account with F. Dings and Company for snuff boxes, half briar pipes, knitting cotton and tuck combs, St. Louis. (Gift of Miss Marian Wallace, St. Louis, June 2, 1952) 1850 Aug 1 1 3 M. Bleifuss in account with E.A. and S.R. Filley, St. Louis. (Gift of Miss Marian Wallace, St. Louis, June 2, 1952) 1850 Dec 18 1 3 Messrs. Bleifuss and Company in account with L. and C. Speck, "importers of German goods," for pipes, snuff boxes, slides, necklaces, and rings, St. Louis. (Gift of Miss Marian Wallace, St. Louis, June 2, 1952) 1850 Dec 19 1 3 Messrs. Bleifuss in account with Wilson Brothers for hardware, St. Louis. (Gift of Miss Marian Wallace, St. Louis, June 2, 1952) A0005-00026 1851 Apr 30 1 3 Account of Messrs. Bleifuss with Wilson Brothers, Corner of Main and Olive Street, St. Louis, Mo., for hardware, April 30, 1851 M. Bleifuss, Ste. Genevieve, in account with Reed and Company, St. Louis, "fancy goods and yankee notions." (Gift of Miss Marian Wallace, St. Louis, June 2, 1952) 1851 Nov 10 1 3 Bleifuss and Company in account with Field and Beardslee, St. Louis. (Gift of Miss Marian Wallace, St. Louis, June 2, 1952) 1851 Nov 14 1 3 Account of Messers. Bleifuss & Co. with Shapleigh, Day & Co. 1851 Dec 5 1 3 R. Beauvais in account with E. St. Michel for wearing apparel, St. Louis. (Gift of Miss Marian Wallace, St. Louis, June 2, 1952) 1853 Oct 12 1 3 Mr. Chs. Haren in account with Buddecke and Droge, for drygoods, St. Louis. 1857 Jan 15 1 3 Page from account ledger showing salaries for Jas. Gavin and H. Overstolz; sales of sundries - spices, wines, flour, tobacco, rice, lard, etc. (Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Leo B. Kranefuss; accession no. 75-0045) 1858 Sept 13 1 3 Alfred Leatherage accounts. (includes transcription by Alan Banks) 1856-1857 1 4 Miscellaneous accounts, bills, letters, etc. of George H. Shields, a St. Louis attorney. He was Chairman and member of the Republican State Central Committee in 1880. (40 items) 1860-1901 1 5 Expense items. 1862 1 6 Grocery and sundry account, Mr. Blackwell, dr., to Edward Herzog. 1862-1863 1 6 Accounts of Block & McQuiston. (4 pages) 1863 1 6 Detailed household accounts, daily and weekly (typescript only). (Courtesy of Mrs. Harry Leavenworth Walker, Kirkwood, Mo., September 3, 1951) 1863 1 6 W.P. Howard account with St. Louis Gas-Light Co. (Gift of Stratford Lee Morton, September 12, 1969; accession no. 69-0055) 1865 Feb 5 1 6 Account of estate of James Christy, deceased, with Edwin R. Swann & Co., Apothecaries. (Gift of Mrs. Henry Rubin, February 20, 1962; accession no. 62-0017) 1867 Dec 1 1 6 Sketches of U.S.S. Iowa and U.S.F.S. Brooklyn . 1898 OS: A-Arn Unidentified ledger, "Oklahoma." 1904-1941 Volume 1 Index to ledger #1, St.L.M.L.I. Co. No date Volume 2 Unidentified account book of rent collections. 1904-1907 Volume 3 Unidentified record of household expenses. 1844 May 1-Oct 7 Volume 4 Indexed business accounts, St. Mary, Mo., with grocery accounts at rear (1880-1881). 1841 May 25-1843 July; 1880-1881 Volume 5 Commission merchants' ledger, St. Louis, Mo. 1838-1840 Volume 6 Day book of manufacturer's accounts in Pittsburgh, Penn, with misc. later entries and watercolor sketches. 1837 May 27-1838 May 8 Volume 7 Day book of tailor in Rochester, N.Y. 1854 Feb 7-1855 Aug 24 Volume 8 Unidentified general merchandise day book. 1880 Jan 1-Dec 23 Volume 9 Household account book, St. Louis, with daily weather observations. 1848 Mar 1-1862 Apr 24 Volume 10 Unidentified index, possibly to the account book of a general store. 1895 Volume 11 Index to day book, no. 5, "R.W.D," appears to be St. Louis, Mo., financial records. No date Volume 12 Ledger of unidentified tailor in northern Germany. 1835 Jan-1836 Aug 14 Volume 13 Ledger of merchandise accounts, many in southern Illinois. 1854 Apr 16-1855 Aug 11 Volume 14 Ledger of Hollidaysburg, Penn., attorney. 1856 Dec 1-1865 May 9 Volume 15 Unidentified St. Louis general merchant's ledger, with clippings re the Dred Scott case inserted in the front. 1858 July 4-1859 July 23 Volume 16 Ledger of accounts with St. Louis, Mo., warehouses, later used as a girl's scrapbook. 1864 Sept 7-1865 Aug 27 Volume 17 Ledger of general merchandise accounts, St. Louis, Mo. 1923 Volume 18 Warren County, Mo., general merchandise ledger. 1835-1840 Volume 19 Warren County, Mo., general merchandise ledger, with later diary of farm life. 1838-1846; 1904 Volume 20 Minutes and accounts of workingman's mutual aid society, St. Louis, Mo. 1917 Jan 11-1928 Mar 31 Volume 21 Sales journal, general store, New Diggins, Mo. (1809 1812), and Belleview, Mo. (1817 1820), with accounts of the hired hands supplied for cutting a canal through the Diggings (1809). 1809-1812; 1817-1820 Volume 22 Unidentified account book, grain purchases mostly from Illinois suppliers, rail charges. 1926-1927 Volume 23