G. Lehr
lithograph; G. Lehr; horizontal; black and white; outdoors; St. Louis; St. Patrick's Day Parade; St. Patrick's Day Procession; Saint Patrick's School and Hall; Hibernia Savings Bank; T. F. Molony Dry Goods; Butcher's and Drover's Bank; Flags; parade; Processions; Peter Jackman; Edward Quinlivan; Patrick Monahon Grand Marshal; John McCormack; John Cordell; John Tobin; Con Maguire; M. J. Cullen; Reverend Father James Archer; James Archer; B. T. Mulligan; Dr. James C. Cogan; T. D. Hanrahan; J. H. Busby; Captain T. L. O'Sullivan; T. L. O'Sullivan; James C. Cogan; B. P. Taafe; M. Muldoon; Phillip Gunn; Reverend P. Brady; P. Brady; Reverend E. A. Higgins; E. A. Higgins; T. Foley; Reverend James McCaffrey; James McCaffrey; Reverent William Walsh; William Walsh; J. Scarret; Reverend J. D. Dougherty; J. D. Dougherty; P. Ahearn; C. Yeager; John Muhally; Thomas Satnton; William Stanton; P. O'Malley; John J. Fitzwilliam; James Hardy; Luke C. O'Reilly; James Gorman; Seventh St.; 7th St.; Carr St.; Biddle St.; Central Magazine; Parades and Pageants; Holidays
Lithograph; Image