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Searching for a Historic Photograph of Your Home

Missouri History Museum Photographs and Prints

The Missouri History Museum Photographs and Prints Department holds hundreds of photographs of St. Louis City and County homes. Many, but not all, of these photographs are listed in our Cross-Collection Search. If you search for your address in the Cross-Collection Search, you may get a catalog record of a photograph or a digital image of the photograph. If you find a catalog record of a photograph that is not accompanied by a digital image of the photograph, visit the Library and Research Center to view the photograph or contact us to request a reproduction.

Genealogy and Local History Index Address Search

You can also search for your home’s address in our Genealogy and Local History Index, which includes references to images of homes in various publications and other sources. If you’re seeking an image of your home in the Genealogy and Local History Index Street Address Search, check the box next to the phrase Search only records that include building illustrations.

Missouri History Museum Library Catalog

The Missouri History Museum Library Catalog lists the books, periodicals, and other publications in our library. Among these items that in some cases include images of homes are St. Louis neighborhood newsletters; histories of local communities; and publications of prominent architects. Here are just a few examples of catalog records of publications that include images of St. Louis homes:

The Sunday Real Estate Section of Local Historic Newspapers

The Sunday real estate section of 20th-century newspapers such as the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and St. Louis Globe-Democrat frequently included photographs of residences. Oftentimes these home images appeared in the newspaper when a home was constructed or sold. Some St. Louis newspapers from the 19th century and early 20th century have been digitized and rendered keyword searchable, thus allowing you to do a keyword search for your address (see list of digitized St. Louis newspapers). Most newspapers, however, have not been digitized; in these cases you can browse the newspaper chronologically on microfilm. So if you know approximately when your home was built or when it was sold from one individual to another, you may want to consult these newspapers. Please note that these Sunday real estate sections do not include photographs of all new homes or homes that were recently sold. The Missouri History Museum Library holds the St. Louis Post-Dispatch on microfilm for 1904, 1917, 1919-1948, and 1961-present. The St. Louis Public Library Central Branch and the St. Louis County Library Headquarters Branch are among the libraries that hold the St. Louis Globe-Democrat and the St. Louios Post-Dispatch on microfilm.

Photo Database of the State Historical Society of Missouri's St. Louis Research Center

The State Historical Society of Missouri’s St. Louis Research Center holds photographs of some St. Louis residences. Search for your street address in their Photo Database. A successful search may result in a catalog record of a photograph or a digital image of a photograph.

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