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Shifting Gears: The Automobile Industry in St. Louis, 1890-1930
Automobile made by the St. Louis Gasoline Motor Company, ca. 1900. Missouri Hist
Shifting Gears: The Automobile Industry in St. Louis, 1890-1930
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Organized by the Missouri History Museum

In 1893, St. Louisans glimpsed the first "horseless carriage" on the streets of their city. Hoping to cash in on a growing industry, eager entrepreneurs quickly formed several automobile companies. Some companies lasted a short time and produced only a handful of cars, while others lasted for years and manufactured thousands of cars. St. Louis became a leader in automotive manufacturing and in the creation of new products and technology. Featuring automobiles, photographs, documents, and other artifacts, this exhibition chronicled the ascent and decline of the major car companies in the St. Louis area. The exhibition featured Moon, Dorris, and St. Louis Motor Carriage Company automobiles.

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