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FIRE! Friend and Foe
FIRE! Friend and Foe
May 19, 2012 - September 3, 2012

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Whether it is a simple spark or a roaring inferno, fire elicits both fear and fascination. Fire warms us but it can just as easily destroy us. Flames can engulf a city leaving death and destruction. But, by harnessing fire, workers forge sturdy steel, and artists create delicate glass objects of great beauty. Campfires and candle-lit services create a sense of community and camaraderie. Using artifacts from its extensive collection and local collectors, the Missouri History Museum examines the mystifying duality of fire. Visitors will discover how early Cahokia dwellers used fire. They will learn the history of St. Louis’ volunteer and professional firefighters. They will gain an understanding of the horrors and heroism of fires—including the Great Fire of 1849. Exhibit highlights include industrial tools associated with blacksmithing, welding, and brewing; outdoor camping and grilling items; domestic objects such as cast iron stoves, fireplace tools—and 19th century toys fueled by fire! Historic objects, images, and stories will explore the surprising ways fire is both a friend and foe.

Presented by Ameren.

(PLEASE NOTE: Exhibition dates are subject to change. Confirm dates prior to your museum visit.)

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