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Stories of Resilience

Beyond our engaging exhibitions and world-class collections, the Missouri History Museum is a safe place where ideas are explored in civil, respectful, and meaningful ways.

In 1994, the Missouri History Museum was one of three institutions in the country honored by the Institute for Museum and Library Services with the first National Award for Museum Service. At a White House ceremony, the Museum was commended as “a model for creating programs that use history as a context for today’s concerns.”

For more than two decades, the Missouri History Museum has presented thought-provoking series—including “Race, Power & Money” and “Class: The Great Divide”—that address issues affecting the United States and the St. Louis metropolitan region.

“Stories of Resilience,” the latest series designed to get people talking about difficult topics, is crucial to our mission, which states we “seek to deepen the understanding of past choices, present circumstances, and future possibilities; strengthen the bonds of the community; and facilitate solutions to common problems.”

Topics addressed by “Stories of Resilience” include homelessness, crime and rehabilitation, poverty, community resources, and personal success.

Each month topics are examined from different perspectives through a variety of formats, from guest lecturers to workshops.

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