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Napoleon in Egypt, Queen Henhenit, and the Tragedy of Maternal Birth Trauma
brochure: Napoleon in Egypt

The modern study of ancient Egypt began with Napoléon's invasion in 1798.  Napoléon took with him a small army of scholars and scientists to investigate Egyptian civilization, resulting in the discovery of the Rosetta Stone and a new fascination with mummies.  The mummy of Queen Henhenit shows evidence of horrific childbirth trauma, providing early evidence of the dangers and difficulty of human childbirth.  Against this background, Dr. L. Lewis Wall, M.D., Ph.D., M.A., of Washington University, describes the problem of obstructed labor in developing countries, explains the nature of the severe childbirth injuries encountered there, and discusses his work with birth-injured women in Africa and his project to build a specialty hospital in the West African country of Niger.

When: Tuesday, December 14 2010 at 7:00 pm (past)
Where: Lee Auditorium
How Much:Free
Exhibit(s): Treasures of NAPOLÉON
Brochure: Napoleon in Egypt LR.pdf
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