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Hidden Assets: Connecting the Past to the Future of St. Louis
Book cover of Hidden Assets: Connecting the Past the the Future of St. Louis
Hidden Assets: Connecting the Past to the Future of St. Louis

 This is the second book in the St. Louis Metromorphosis Book Series from the Public Policy Research Center. By most standard indicators, the St. Louis region is in a prolonged period of stagnation or decline. The urban core has suffered huge population loss. The central city has a large poverty population, high crime rates, and deteriorating public services. Residential patterns are highly segregated by race and wealth. Political fragmentation in the region and the corresponding absence of effective leadership are legendary. Based on these standard measures of strength, vitality, and growth, the region's future appears dim. But these are not the only indicators by which the present and possible future of the region, including the central city, should be assessed. The region contains many "hidden assets" that, if effectively nurtured and promoted, augur a brighter future for the St. Louis metropolitan area.

"Hidden Assets deftly delves into the living past of the great river city of St. Louis, Missouri, and is recommended reading for anyone with an interest in the history and socioeconomics of St. Louis."
The Midwest Book Review


208 pages, 73 black and white illustrations, tables, and charts
bibliographies, index
ISBN 1-883982-56-1, $22.95, paper
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