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MacDermott Grand Hall

One of the main focal and gathering areas of the Missouri History Museum, the MacDermott Grand Hall features a unique River Mosaic and the sister plane of the Spirit of St. Louis. It is a popular site for dinners, receptions, and private special events.

Capacity: 250 seated, 400 standing

A/V options: Portable projector on a cart, small portable screen, podium


The historic Jefferson Memorial portion of the Museum houses Karl Bitter’s sculpture of Thomas Jefferson.

Spirit of St. Louis

In 1927, a St. Louis airmail pilot named Charles Lindbergh became known around the world as the first person to fly nonstop across the Atlantic Ocean. A replica of Lindbergh’s plane, the Spirit of St. Louis, was built in 1928 by the Ryan Airlines Corporation, the company that also built the original plane. Our replica of the Spirit of St. Louis is quite special itself, having been featured in the movie The Spirit of St. Louis, starring Jimmy Stewart. Both Stewart and his consultant, Charles Lindbergh, may have flown this iconic plane.

River Mosaic

This intricate floor mosaic, flowing from one side of the Grand Hall to the other, was designed and installed by local artists—craftsman Courtney Obata and glass artist Lea Koesterer, with the assistance of mosaic artisan Don Fuller. The mosaic reminds visitors of the powerful role of the rivers in shaping St. Louis’s history.

Photo Gallery

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