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African American Collection and Collecting Initiative
Items that represent the health-care profession in St. Louis are a strong component of the African American Collection. In separate donations the Missouri History Museum has received more than 100 pieces of medical equipment from Homer G. Phillips Hospital. Additional artifacts include office supplies and medical equipment from the office of Dr. Izetta Reddick, a chiropodist (foot surgeon) who shared office space with her husband, Dr. T. B. Reddick, during the 1930s and 1940s. A donation of medical furniture and office supplies from the estate of Dr. XaCadene Hill further increased the Museum's holdings. In addition to having her own office from 1947 through 1990 in St. Louis, Dr. Hill, a general practitioner, also served on the staff at People's Hospital and St. Mary's Infirmary and managed a clinic at Homer G. Phillips Hospital.

The African American Collecting Initiative was created to increase holdings that represent the contributions that African Americans have made to this region. The long-term vision for this initiative is to encourage individuals to consider the Missouri History Museum as the primary institution for the housing and conservation of artifacts that represent the St. Louis African American community. The fight for civil and equal rights, political equity, and representation began in St. Louis with the arrival of its first African American citizens and continues as a defining issue for the St. Louis community today. The Museum is interested in collecting objects from daily life, military service, and business and cultural events, as well as from religious, social, political, and educational experiences.
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