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Fitzgibbon Papers

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The James W. Fitzgibbon Papers

James W. Fitzgibbon
James W. Fitzgibbon, professor of architecture, Washington University in St. Louis, 1968–1985. Photograph by David H. Kilper, Washington University Photographic Services, 1982. James W. Fitzgibbon Papers, Missouri Historical Society Archives. © 1982, Washington University.

The Missouri Historical Society is pleased to provide this guide to the James W. Fitzgibbon Papers. Consisting of personal, business, and academic papers, the collection reflects Fitzgibbon’s contributions to the field of architecture, his interest in the history of ephemeral architectural, and his close partnership with fellow architect and visionary R. Buckminster Fuller.

James Fitzgibbon’s career spanned nearly 50 years. Perhaps not as well known as his partner and friend, Fuller, Fitzgibbon nevertheless provided St. Louis with one of its most recognizable structures, the Climatron at the Missouri Botanical Garden. In addition, he inspired a generation of young architects through his teaching at the Washington University School of Architecture. His work also lives on in the many residential and commercial projects he created during the course of his career.

This Web site, and the processing of the James W. Fitzgibbon Papers, was made possible by the generous support of James D. Barnes of Dallas, an architect and former Fitzgibbon student. The Missouri Historical Society wishes to thank Mr. Barnes for his kind gift, as well as Mike Venso for processing the collection.



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