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K–12 Logistics

Group Logistics and Program Format

Unless otherwise noted, all guided Gallery + Classroom programs last 2 hours: 1 hour in the galleries and 1 hour in the classroom. For groups of more than 30 students, we divide the group so that one half completes the classroom activity while the other half explores the gallery. After an hour, the groups switch.

When in the galleries, groups are further subdivided into smaller groups (of approximately 10 people each) to rotate through the exhibitions. Each group will have its own museum educator to facilitate the experience, and each group should have at least one teacher or adult chaperone. You can help this process go faster by pre-dividing your students into groups and making sure chaperones know which group they are to supervise. A complete schedule will be emailed to you when your reservation is confirmed.

Buses and Parking

Please consult the details of your confirmed reservation before ordering buses. You're responsible for ordering your own bus(es) and communicating all driving and parking directions to the driver(s). Please plan on arriving 5–10 minutes early to unload. Buses should unload at the Museum’s north entrance (Lindell Blvd.), near the fountain.

Buses with a permit may park in the Twin Lots parking lot located southeast of the Museum building. The Missouri History Museum has a limited supply of parking permits, which will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Permits should be displayed in the windshield. A driver’s license will be required as collateral in exchange for a permit, and permits must be returned to your tour leader. Permits are also available from the Parks Department (


For information on how to get here, visit Please plan on arriving 5–10 minutes prior to your tour start time, which is listed in your confirmation email, to ensure that you have time to get all of your students off your bus and into their groups.

When you enter through the north entrance (Lindell Blvd.), our museum educators will welcome your group by the Thomas Jefferson statue. At this time students will review the Museum rules, and teachers and chaperones will receive instructions.

Early and Late Arrivals

We understand that many factors may cause your bus to be early or late. However, due to other group reservations and the schedules of our museum educators, we can't extend the length of your visit past your reservation time.

  • If you arrive early, we'll do our best to fit you into an open gallery, but if all galleries are reserved at that time, please plan to visit one of the other free institutions in Forest Park or explore the park itself.
  • If you arrive late, we'll still do our best to deliver the program you reserved. However, modifications may be necessary depending on your arrival time. (NOTE: Excessively late groups can expect significant program changes.)


Restrooms can be found on all three floors of the Museum. The museum educators will take all students for a bathroom/water/stretch break in between their gallery tour and classroom activity. If a student has an emergency, we ask that a chaperone escort the student to the nearest restroom.


Because the Missouri History Museum facilitates and hosts a variety of daily events, we don't have space for students to eat lunch inside the Museum. Please make arrangements for your students to eat at school, on your bus, outside in Forest Park, or elsewhere off-site.

Coats, Bags, and Other Bulky Items

To ensure the safety of the artifacts, we ask that no food, drink, or bulky coats or bags be taken into the galleries. We'll either ask students to place coats and bags in large bins reserved for these items or take students to the classrooms to deposit items there. You may also choose to leave extra items on your bus. 

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