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K-12 Evaluation

The Missouri History Museum is committed to developing and facilitating the highest-quality educational experiences. As a part of our efforts to continually improve the programs we offer, we conduct regular evaluation. Our evaluation efforts are two-fold: We gather data from teacher surveys and from observations of programs in action.

So what does all of this evaluation business mean for your class field trip?
While visiting the Museum, you may see a trained evaluator casually observing parts of your visit. The evaluation doesn't interfere with any part of your experience. Unless we've obtained school and parent permission, the evaluators won't interact with your students. All data evaluation tools seek to capture the extent to which our program goals are met.

Program Goals

We want all students to experience the Missouri History Museum as a fun and welcoming place where they can engage in a way that is personally meaningful. Whether your group is exploring the 1904 World’s Fair, our African American collection, or a special exhibition, all of our programs are designed to emphasize the critical thinking skills students use in museums, in the classroom, and as lifelong learners. These big goals drive our program creation, our staff training, and our program evaluation for a holistic and outcome-driven approach.

For all K–12 programs we strive to create and facilitate experiences in which learners will individually and collaboratively use Museum spaces, objects, and content to:

  • compare and contrast the past and present
  • make connections between the people, places, and stories of history and their personal experience
  • comprehend and evaluate multiple perspectives and past choices
  • express and support their own perspectives on history

Interested in helping us improve?
We send electronic teacher surveys after your visit. Please take the time to reflect on your students’ experience and fill those out.

Here’s what teachers are saying about our programs:
“I enjoyed seeing my students make connections to real world experiences and understand the impact of history on their lives today.”

“Very educational and organized. Perfectly supported our curriculum goals and Common Core State Standards for social studies and ELA. Great artifacts and interactive exhibits. Hands-on activities to apply skills.”

“My favorite moment was seeing my students all crowded around a display, carefully examining an artifact they found interesting. It was so neat to see them taking a moment to be really curious and trying to use all the information to understand the artifacts.”

"This program helped my students develop skills they can use in their geography, language arts, and history classes!"

"The program was very hands on and kept my students engaged the whole time."

“The classroom activity sparked good discussion and the facilitators did a great job of motivating each table to participate.”

“I really liked the use of primary documents-- this is a HUGE trend in classrooms right now.”

“I like how the presentation reflected on events that took place recently and compared them to the past.”

“I loved how the students were able to reflect and talk about what they saw on the tour.”

“The theater performance, Madame Chouteau was amazing!! The presentation was great and her ability to answer questions afterward was spectacular! Informative and entertaining!”

“Many of our students have never been to a museum. Many students have never been on field trips. Your staff made the students feel welcome and excited to see them.”

“The whole experience was great! From planning the trip, to arriving, to interacting with the tour guides!”

“I felt that this was one of the best field trips that I have taken my class on. I really enjoyed watching my third graders participate. They were totally engaged and enjoyed the challenge.”

"My students really enjoyed the small group tours, and our tour guide made it very personal and asked a lot of "what would you do if you were living during this time?" questions, which really got my kids thinking!"

"What a rich, interactive learning experience we all had!"

"Thoughtful and enlightening."

"The classroom experience helped the kids make connections to the museum."

"They were interested, engaged, and most importantly and surprisingly had fun."

"The guide we had was very prepared and professional. She was able to keep the attention of the kids."

"The experience provoked some students to return with their own families to learn more about the exhibit."

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