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Homeschool Days

At the Missouri History Museum, we celebrate educational choice through our monthly Homeschool Day programs. We take pride in experiences designed to best serve the needs of homeschool families. Thanks to the generous support of our members, donors, and taxpayers, Missouri History Museum Homeschool Days are completely FREE! 

Download the 2017–2018 Homeschool Day flyer or scroll to the Series Events to see this year's lineup! 

What Are Homeschool Days Like?

Homeschool Days are an opportunity for homeschool families to experience the Gallery + Classroom programs regularly offered to K–12 schools. In addition to these exhibition-based educational programs, we also facilitate a variety of other activities depending on the day’s theme, such as storytelling, theatre performances, musical performances, team-building workshops, and more! We offer activities for specific age groups and activities the whole family can enjoy together.

Homeschool Days take place once a month on Mondays. All activities are available from 10am to 2pm, and you can spend as much or as little time with us as you’d like. Select activities are ticketed because of space limitations. Tickets are free and are distributed at the Museum on a first-come, first-served basis beginning at 10am on the selected Homeschool Day date.

Sign Up for a Homeschool Day!

Families interested in participating are kindly requested to register via the event pages below. Advance registrations allow us to make sure we have enough materials for everyone. Registration opens 2 weeks prior to the Homeschool Day date. We communicate information about these programs exclusively via email. Please sign up for ourHomeschool eNewsto make sure you stay in the loop!

What Are Parents Saying about Homeschool Days?

"You guys do such a great job of making it interactive—I think the more interactive, the better! I love all the things my kids learn on these Homeschool Days. I find it very educational and beneficial to attend. Thank you for all your hard work!"

"Fantastic! Thank you! Homeschool Days are great!"

"We LOVE the Homeschool Days! Great variety, excellent guides/teachers. Love the interactive, hands-on activities. There is always something everyone enjoys."

"We enjoy how all age groups are included in the planning and implementation of the classes offered."

"The events were very educational and met my homeschool needs for the day. Thanks so much!"

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