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St. Louis Media Halls of Fame

When an angry mob killed a local newspaper editor and dumped his press into the river in November of 1837, Elijah Lovejoy's name was recorded in history as a journalist whose work had an effect on society.

There have been many people in St. Louis media who have made a difference in various ways. Some have helped develop groundbreaking technologies. Others have mentored young people. There are St. Louisans who became nationally known for their media work, and others whose work behind the scenes escaped the public eye but made a significant contribution.

The St. Louis Media Halls of Fame were established to recognize those St Louisans who have, in their work here or elsewhere, made a major contribution to their respective media. The areas of recognition are divided into four segments:Print (Established in 2006), Radio (Established in 2002), Television (Established in 2006), and Advertising/Public Relations (Established in 2007).

Each year a group of veterans from each of these media segments submits nominations for their hall. Voting for Hall of Fame membership is limited to members of respective media groups, such as PRSA, the Ad Club, NATAS and the Society of Professional Journalists..

In this way, those who are elected to membership in one of the Halls of Fame are assured that the recognition comes from their professional peers - those who are most familiar with the contributions that have been made.

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