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Panoramas - The 1904 World's Fair: Looking Back at Looking Forward
When the World's Fair, known as the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, opened on April 30, 1904, visitors from all over the globe traveled to St. Louis. Fair-goers were dazzled by the magnificent spectacle that transformed St. Louis into the center of the world. While at the Fair, attendees were enthralled by the promise of what the burgeoning 20th century would offer-elaborate displays trumpeted the latest advances in technology, fine arts, manufacturing, science, civics, foreign policy and education. The exhibition will boast over 250 artifacts and objects, as well as interactive "Pillars of Knowledge" to educate and entertain the whole family. Like original Fair-goers, museum visitors will view such objects as furniture from the Chinese, German, French and Irish pavilions; fine and decorative arts; and scientific and industrial technologies that were unveiled at the fair. Period clothing of Fair-goers, utilitarian garb of Fair workers and native dress of people who were part of the Fair's "living displays" will represent various roles people played in the Fair's success.
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